Yankees lose Nick Burdi to injury, recall Gomez in pitching staff moves

Amanda Paula
Friday May 24, 2024

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Nick Burdi‘s season has unfolded largely as anticipated, marked by a commendable 120 Stuff+ rating but plagued by difficulties in finding the strike zone and persistent injuries. On Friday, the Yankees put him on the injured list for the second time this season.

The Yankees are currently managing a delicate situation, aiming to stay competitive until reinforcements like Ian Hamilton can return. To bridge the gap, they’ve turned to Yoendrys Gomez, a versatile option from their ranks, which places additional strain on an already injury-riddled Triple-A staff.

What Yoendryz Gomez brings to Yankees bullpen

yoendryz gomez, player of the new york yankees

Gomez has recorded a respectable 3.62 ERA with the RailRiders. However, similar to Burdi, he has struggled with command, failing to consistently throw strikes in his first eight starts. Transitioning Gomez to a bullpen role might yield better results, allowing him to pitch with more intensity and potentially improve his control since he wouldn’t need to focus as much on sequencing or varying his pitches.

Gomez’s tenure with the major league team may be brief, especially with Ian Hamilton’s return imminent. Nonetheless, his recent outings have shown promise. His velocity has increased, now sitting closer to 93 MPH compared to the 90 MPH he averaged earlier in the season. His fastball features impressive vertical ride with high spin rates, complemented by a slider, changeup, curveball, and cutter. His slider shows significant sweep, and his changeup pairs well with his fastball, making him a versatile pitcher.

The right-hander’s deep arsenal and above-average Stuff+ ratings make him an intriguing long-term option for the Yankees. Although his tools seem better suited for a bullpen role, where his stuff could be maximized, Gomez’s potential is clear. His place on the Yankees’ 40-man roster before even reaching Double-A highlights the organization’s faith in his abilities, despite the setbacks caused by injuries throughout his career.

Gomez’s journey reflects a blend of potential and resilience. While his command issues have been a challenge, his improved velocity and the effective combination of his pitches suggest he can be a valuable asset. As the Yankees navigate their injury woes, Gomez’s performance in the bullpen could prove crucial in the short term and may also define his role in the team’s future plans.

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One thought on “Yankees lose Nick Burdi to injury, recall Gomez in pitching staff moves

  1. He was put on the 40 man roster, in the middle of his injuries because he spent way too many years in rookie ball.

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