Yankees’ LeMahieu undergoes follow-up MRI amid injury uncertainty


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The New York Yankees are inching closer to a clearer picture regarding DJ LeMahieu‘s return timeline, but some uncertainty still lingers.

LeMahieu, the team’s preferred leadoff hitter and a key defensive presence at third base, is sidelined with a significant bone bruise in his right foot. He suffered the injury on March 16 after fouling a ball off his foot during a spring training game. An initial MRI conducted that same day confirmed the bruise.

Part of the initial diagnosis plan involved a follow-up MRI roughly two weeks later. This additional scan, crucial for detecting any potential underlying issues obscured by swelling, was performed on Friday. However, as of Friday night’s game against the Houston Astros, the Yankees had not yet revealed the results of the latest MRI.

DJ LeMahieu's walk off ensured the Yankees win against Toronto on April 22, 2023, at Yankee Stadium.

Prior to the second game of the series, manager Aaron Boone acknowledged the ongoing evaluation, indicating the team was seeking further updates on LeMahieu’s status.

Adding a layer of concern, Boone alluded to a possible parallel between LeMahieu’s situation and Mark Teixeira’s experience in 2015. In that season, Teixeira initially received a diagnosis of a bone bruise in his leg, leading to a projected two-week absence. However, a subsequent MRI revealed a fracture, ultimately derailing his season.

The Yankees are undoubtedly hoping to avoid a similar scenario with LeMahieu. While the full picture remains unclear, news regarding the latest MRI results and a more concrete timeline for his return should be forthcoming soon.

LeMahieu’s recovery stalls, Yankees looking for answers

LeMahieu with Yankees manager Aaron Boone.

The cloud of uncertainty surrounding LeMahieu’s return from a bone bruise in his right foot continues to linger. While initial expectations anticipated a two-week recovery timeline, the Yankees haven’t observed the anticipated progress.

This situation bears an unsettling resemblance to Mark Teixeira’s experience in 2015. Teixeira, like LeMahieu, initially received a bone bruise diagnosis for a leg injury, only to discover a season-ending fracture later via MRI.

Manager Aaron Boone acknowledged the similarity and explained the importance of follow-up evaluations. Swelling can sometimes mask underlying issues, necessitating a re-evaluation even if the initial diagnosis seems straightforward. In LeMahieu’s case, a follow-up MRI was always planned despite the initial diagnosis.

Adding to the concern is the lack of daily improvement despite increased activity by LeMahieu. The 35-year-old infielder had progressed to taking ground balls by last Monday, but his session was cut short, and participation in baseball activities remained limited for the rest of the week. While Boone mentioned LeMahieu throwing on Thursday and potentially doing tee work, there haven’t been updates on his activities for Friday.

However, Boone did observe a slight improvement in LeMahieu’s demeanor on Friday compared to Thursday. He reportedly spent the previous two days primarily focused on treatment with minimal baseball activity. This shift suggests a potential adjustment in the recovery plan.

The Yankees are eagerly awaiting the results of the latest MRI, hoping for a clearer picture of LeMahieu’s situation. Positive results could pave the way for a gradual increase in his activity level, but the team remains cautious until they have a more definitive diagnosis.

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