Yankees hail Aaron Judge as ‘captain’ in wake of Tigers triumph

Aaron Judge celebrates the Yankees' ninth-inning rally against the Tigers at Yankee Stadium on May 3, 2024.
Amanda Paula
Saturday May 4, 2024

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The 2024 season hasn’t been as perfect for Aaron Judge as previous ones. Despite breaking some records, the Yankees’ captain has faced criticism from experts about his performances on the pitch. However, the team itself is showing much more support to overcome this problem, with figures like Anthony Rizzo and Stroman leading the way.

Marcus Stroman and Anthony Rizzo back Aaron Judge after victory over Tigers

After the Yankees' 2-1 victory over the Detroit Tigers on Friday, May 3, 2024, Aaron Judge and Anthony Rizzo commented on the game

After the Yankees’ 2-1 victory, their official account on X.com, formerly known as Twitter, shared a quote from Anthony Rizzo stating that Judge is and will always be important for the team. “When Judgey goes, we all go. He’s our captain. He’s our leader.”

Moreover, another figure in the Bronx rose to agree with this statement: Marcus Stroman. The player reposted the quote on X, adding, “FACTS.”

Beyond being just a player donning the New York Yankees’ shirt, Marcus Stroman is definitely a fan too. After winning a tough game against the Detroit Tigers by 2-1, Stroman took to Twitter to celebrate the accomplishments of Anthony Rizzo and Aaron Judge.

In an interview with SNY, Stroman also mentioned that he ran back into the dugout just in time to catch Anthony Rizzo’s walk-off. But not only that, he said that when you play with guys like Aaron Judge, Verdugo, and Rizzo, it’s always easy, as the Yankees have one of the best rosters in the league.

Indeed, looking back at Aaron Judge’s game against Detroit last Friday, you might see that the Yankees were three outs away from being shut out for the sixth time this season, continuing their string of offensive ineptitude that had them playing .500 baseball over the last 10 games.

But in the bottom of the ninth against the Tigers’ James Foley, one of the best relievers this season, an Aaron Judge lead-off single gave the Yankees some life on Friday night. It wasn’t a home run or the tying or winning hit, but it rejuvenated a Yankees offense that has struggled mightily.

Although Aaron Judge has not been the same as he was in previous years, it is not strange to say that Aaron Boone deserves credit for not changing the batting order, as Judge still has the talent.

The Yankees are pinning their hopes on Aaron Judge, expecting a resurgence in his performance akin to his former MVP status. Currently batting .200 with a .336 OBP this season, Judge’s contribution is crucial. As they face two more games against Detroit before a much-needed break, a victory like Friday’s could serve as the catalyst to reignite both the team’s offensive prowess and Judge’s individual form.

Following the win, manager Boone expressed confidence in the team’s lineup, emphasizing the potential for such victories to spark a revival in Aaron Judge’s hitting and overall offensive output.

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