Yankees get added cushion with more flexibility on Peraza, arms

Oswald Peraza is welcomed by his Caracas Lions teammates while playing in the Venezuelan Professional Baseball League in November 2023.
Sara Molnick
Saturday January 6, 2024

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A stroke of roster fortune has descended upon the Bronx! The Yankees have stumbled upon an elusive rule loophole, presenting an unforeseen advantage with three of their burgeoning young talents: Oswald Peraza, Yoendrys Gomez, and Luis Gil. These promising stars have activated a fourth minor league option, providing the Bombers with indispensable flexibility and bolstering depth in their farm system.

Typically, players on a team’s 40-man roster have a three-season window for maneuvering between the majors and minors before potentially facing waivers. Peraza, Gomez, and Gil had seemingly exhausted their Yankees options after their 2021 debuts. However, owing to a lesser-known rule, their restricted appearances due to injuries render them eligible for an additional year of seasoning in the minor leagues.

A boost to Yankees roster issues

This concealed reservoir of options is a game-changer for the Yankees. Peraza, once a highly touted prospect, stands to benefit from extended minor-league exposure before assuming a regular role in the big leagues. This newfound option flexibility might even boost his trade value, which had slightly dimmed in recent times.


The same holds true for Gomez and Gil. These budding pitchers offer crucial depth, particularly after trades thinned the Yankees’ reserves. Having them poised to shuttle between the Bronx and the minors throughout the season adds a valuable layer of security to the Yankees’ pitching strategies.

In the intricate world of baseball, where every advantage is significant, this unlocked fourth option emerges as a hidden treasure for the Yankees. It fortifies their developmental pipeline, safeguards their young arms, and preserves the flexibility of their roster. With judicious utilization, this unexpected advantage has the potential to emerge as a pivotal factor in their pursuit of another championship.

Yankees need new shuttlemen

Remember Jhony Brito and Randy Vasquez, the dependable pitchers who adeptly shuttled between the Bronx and Triple-A, providing crucial spot starts and fortifying the bullpen last season? With the duo now heading West post-Soto trade, the Yankees confront a new challenge: identifying fresh arms to fulfill the vital role of pitching staff shuttlemen in 2024.


While the search for an experienced starter persists, arms with minor league options like Yoendrys Gomez, Luis Gil, Cody Poteet, Clayton Beeter, Will Warren, and Cody Morris could all find themselves in major league action. The remaining minor league options offer the Yankees indispensable flexibility, serving as a safety net amid the unpredictable twists of the season.

The significance of arms with options was starkly evident in 2023. The struggles of Albert Abreu, a reliever in need of seasoning, were compounded by waiver concerns, restricting his developmental opportunities. Conversely, Estevan Florial‘s lack of options forced him onto the Opening Day roster, only to be designated for assignment after a single game. Trapped in option limbo, he spent the remainder of the year shuttling between Triple-A and the inactive list.


These instances underscore the value of the additional option year possessed by Gomez, Gil, and their counterparts. It empowers the Yankees to nurture their development without the specter of waivers, ensuring a constant supply of fresh arms ready to fortify the big league bullpen or step into rotation duties as necessary.

So, keep a close watch on these emerging talents. In 2024, they might be shuttling between the Bronx and Scranton/Wilkes-Barre, poised to inherit the legacy of the next Brito and Vasquez, ever-ready to answer the call whenever the Yankees require another arm to ascend.

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