Yankees fans urge for Giancarlo Stanton to be traded during 2023 MLB offseason

Yankees' outfielder
Amanda Paula
Monday August 28, 2023

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The New York Yankees have faced disappointment this season, marking their worst campaign in two decades. Prior to the latest victory on Monday night, amidst the criticism directed at figures such as Aaron Boone and Brian Cashman, the spotlight has also been focused on Giancarlo Stanton, whose performance has struggled this season.

While it is accurate that the Yankees secured a victory tonight, a game in which Stanton was included in the lineup, it is also undeniable that Giancarlo Stanton‘s performance has been inconsistent throughout the season. Despite this, his determination remains clearly evident. In the year 2023, he maintains a batting average of .202, boasting 19 home runs, 49 RBIs, and an OPS of .723. In conjunction with the Yankees’ lackluster presence on the field, these statistics contribute to fans assigning blame to Stanton.

Stanton, formerly known as Mike Stanton, has been a prominent figure in Major League Baseball (MLB) since his debut in 2010. The corner outfielder and designated hitter began his journey with the Florida Marlins and swiftly rose to prominence.

His career accolades include five consecutive All-Star selections and the coveted National League MVP award in 2017, cementing his status as one of the sport’s premier players.

Giancarlo Stanton’s 2023 net worth

Giancarlo Stanton in action for the New York Yankees

Giancarlo Stanton’s impact extends beyond the field, with his financial success reflecting his skill and popularity. Notably, in 2014, he inked a groundbreaking $325 million contract with the Miami Marlins spanning thirteen years. Stanton’s dominance in MLB statistics, particularly in home runs and RBIs, has solidified his place as one of the league’s finest.

Giancarlo Stanton’s annual salary of $22 million ranks him among baseball’s highest earners and the top earner within the Yankees organization. His accomplishments include multiple All-Star Game appearances, recognition as Most Valuable Player, and three coveted Silver Slugger Awards. His 13-year contract includes an exclusive no-trade clause, granting him full control over his playing destination.

The baseball star’s influence extends to the endorsement world, boasting partnerships with esteemed global brands. Nike, Rawlings, T-Mobile, Fanatics, Beats by Dre, and SixStar Pro Nutrition have all aligned with Stanton, capitalizing on his popularity and standing. These collaborations encompass exclusive apparel, equipment, and discounts for T-Mobile customers.

Beyond the diamond, Giancarlo Stanton has diversified his investments by engaging in various real estate ventures across Miami and Florida. His portfolio includes luxury condos, apartments, and homes.

Notably, he invested in a multi-million dollar penthouse in Miami Beach, capitalizing on the thriving real estate market. Giancarlo Stanton’s involvement spans residential and commercial properties, showcasing his business acumen.

Giancarlo Stanton smashes a line-drive two-run home run to right field, bringing the Yankees' lead to 6-0 in the bottom of the 5th

Stanton’s residence is a $6.6 million Aria on the Bay penthouse, replete with five bedrooms, panoramic views, a private pool, and a summer kitchenette. His taste in cars mirrors his success, with a collection featuring a luxurious Cadillac and a sporty Maserati. These vehicles underscore his appreciation for quality and refinement.

While Giancarlo Stanton’s on-field achievements are laudable, his commitment to philanthropy is equally commendable. He has donated $72,500 to The All-Star Smiles Organization, aiding pediatric preventive dental care and education for thousands of Miami children.

Stanton’s support extends to initiatives like Stand Up to Cancer and partnerships with Boys & Girls Clubs of America, highlighting his dedication to giving back.

In conclusion, Giancarlo Stanton’s journey from the Florida Marlins to the New York Yankees symbolizes a career of exceptional achievements and contributions. His net worth of $40 million, derived from contracts and endorsements, reflects his status as a premier player. Stanton’s investments in real estate and his collection of high-end cars demonstrate his financial acumen and refined tastes. Beyond his athletic prowess, his disastrous season and how the Yankees have been spending money became a problem for some fans.

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