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Nestor Cortes

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Many people did not believe that Yankees pitching star Nestor Cortes‘ success was “sustainable” or “legitimate” in 2021, despite the fact that he pitched 93 innings with an earned run average of 2.90.

They believed that it was a mirage, as a tiny man couldn’t achieve this. Because of his height and the appearance that his body lacks athleticism, many consider that Nestor Cortes did not appear to be the right person for the job. Also, the pitcher does not possess elite fastball speed, which is the hallmark of the best in the game. This has its effect on Cortes, who has always been forced to think creatively in order to have a chance.

Up until the previous year, Nestor Cortes was mired in mediocrity. However, the Yankees made adjustments to his stuff, delivery, and approach, and as a result, he entered that era.

It was imperative for him to demonstrate to everyone that Nestor Cortes was capable of discovering a strategy that would allow him to be successful in MLB on a consistent basis during the 2022 season. With a 2.44 ERA over 158.1 innings, Cortes had the best season in terms of ERA for a Yankees starter in almost 50 years.

What a way to prove yourself!

Fans have embraced Nestor Cortes

Now, Yankees fans love the pitcher and can look past his body or what seems like an ordinary pitching repertoire.

“This is the man with the lowest era for a Yankees starting pitcher over the last 43 years,” Twitter account @PlayoffTanaka_ wrote, with a hilarious picture of Cortes.

The tweet wasn’t meant to make fun of Nestor Cortes. Instead, it was meant to let everyone know that the left-hander is more than good enough to do his job, which is to consistently get MLB batters out and give his team a chance to win games.

People no longer doubt him after what he did in 2022. He was one of the best pitchers in the American League, and “his smarts, wicked cutter, awkward delivery, and surprisingly good fastball give him an edge against any lineup.”

How do you rate Nestor Cortes?

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