Will Warren emerges big-league ready as Yankees scramble to cover for Cole’s injury


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In Monday’s 5-3 Yankees victory over the Orioles, pitching prospect Will Warren demonstrated his poise and skill on the mound. Despite limiting the opposition to just one run across three innings, the team’s number eight prospect, as ranked by MLB Pipeline, acknowledged that there were areas in which he could improve. Although Warren struck out two batters at crucial junctures, the Yankees prospect also issued three walks early in the game, creating some tense moments in the first and second innings.

All in all, it was another encouraging outing for Warren, who concluded the previous season on a strong note at Triple-A Scranton/Wilkes-Barre. The Yankees prospect exudes confidence and believes he is prepared to compete at the major league level.

This impressive performance comes on the same day that the Yankees’ ace, Gerrit Cole, is undergoing an MRI to assess an elbow issue. Depending on the results, this situation could potentially thrust Warren into the spotlight earlier than initially anticipated. The young pitcher expressed his eagerness to contribute, stating that he was ready to step up whenever the call came. However, he emphasized that his primary focus remains on making a positive impact on the team in whatever capacity he can.

When asked about the insights he has gained, Warren emphasized the crucial role that self-belief plays in a pitcher’s success. The Yankees prospect noted that even when a pitcher’s “stuff” isn’t at its best in every outing, unwavering confidence and a focus on consistent execution – throwing strikes and getting outs – are the defining characteristics of success at the major league level.

Yankees pitching prospect Will Warren

Yankees Buzzing About Warren’s Potential

Will Warren’s outstanding performance on Monday has sparked excitement within the Yankees organization. His teammate and fellow catcher, Austin Wells, shared in the positive sentiment, expressing unwavering confidence in Warren’s ability to excel at the major league level.

Having caught Warren extensively throughout their time together in the minor leagues, Wells has witnessed his remarkable growth firsthand. The Yankees rookie catcher characterized Warren as a pitcher overflowing with potential and a tenacious competitor on the mound. Reflecting on Warren’s previous spring training appearances, Wells observed a noticeable improvement with each outing, reinforcing his belief in Warren’s capabilities.

While manager Aaron Boone was overseeing the Yankees’ other victory (2-1 against the Phillies) in Clearwater, new bench coach Brad Ausmus, who was managing the Tampa game, was equally impressed with Warren’s performance. Despite still getting acquainted with the young prospects, Ausmus praised the 24-year-old for his maturity and “major league caliber stuff.”

Ausmus provided further insight into Warren’s impressive repertoire, emphasizing the weak contact generated by opposing hitters as evidence of his skill. He echoed the organization’s confidence in Warren, pointing to the effectiveness of his pitches as a strong indicator of his future success in the major leagues.

Warren’s impressive performance has positioned him as a potential solution to the Yankees’ pitching concerns, particularly in light of the uncertainty surrounding Gerrit Cole’s health. As of Monday evening, the results of Cole’s MRI, which was conducted to assess his elbow discomfort, have not been publicly disclosed. Should Cole require an extended period of recovery, Warren could find himself elevated to the starting rotation.

While Warren could initially provide support as a bullpen arm, the Yankees’ primary focus is on developing him as a starting pitcher. This approach ensures that he remains prepared to seamlessly transition into the rotation if the need arises due to injuries.

Despite the uncertainties surrounding Cole’s health and the potential openings in the rotation just weeks before Opening Day, Warren maintains his focus on his personal development. He stresses the importance of a strong work ethic and staying ready for any opportunity that may come his way. Regardless of the decisions made regarding the roster, Warren’s priority is to continually improve his skills and be prepared to contribute when called upon. He remains committed to this approach until he is given the chance to make a meaningful impact on the team’s success.

Two more arms up their MLB claims

While Gerrit Cole’s recent MRI for elbow discomfort casts a shadow on the Yankees’ pitching rotation, particularly considering his crucial role in their championship aspirations, there are reasons for cautious optimism.

Young arms Clayton Beeter, Luis Gil, and Will Warren all delivered impressive performances on Monday, fueling hope for the team’s pitching depth. Following a 2-1 victory against the Phillies secured by Beeter and Gil’s strong outings, manager Aaron Boone, speaking from BayCare Ballpark, expressed confidence in the upcoming wave of pitching talent.

Despite major trades that impacted the Yankees‘ pitching depth in the offseason, Boone believes in the current group’s potential. The key question, as he acknowledges, is determining when these prospects are fully prepared to contribute at the major league level.

In a game showcasing what appeared to be the Philadelphia Phillies’ Opening Day lineup, young Yankees pitcher Clayton Beeter demonstrated his skills against a formidable and experienced group of hitters. Throughout his four innings on the mound, Beeter allowed only two hits and struck out four batters while keeping the Phillies off the scoreboard.

Beeter employed a strategic approach, using a combination of fastballs to establish control of the count and sharp sliders to effectively finish at-bats. His dominance was particularly evident when he struck out both Alec Bohm (on three consecutive sliders) and Kyle Schwarber using the same pitch.

After his impressive performance, Beeter expressed increased confidence in his readiness to compete at the major league level. He recognized the significance of pitching against such seasoned hitters and emphasized the boost in self-assurance that this experience provided him.

Following Beeter’s strong outing, Luis Gil took the mound and continued the Yankees’ impressive pitching display. The 25-year-old right-hander, who is coming off Tommy John surgery and embarking on his first full season since the procedure, delivered an electric performance. Throughout 3⅔ innings, Gil allowed just one hit and one walk while racking up an impressive eight strikeouts.

One of the highlights of Gil’s outing was his thrilling confrontation with superstar slugger Bryce Harper. Gil skillfully used a combination of sliders and changeups to induce misses from Harper before ultimately finishing him off with a blistering 99.6 mph fastball that left the former MVP looking perplexed at the plate.

Young pitchers Clayton Beeter and Luis Gil put on a spectacular display against the Philadelphia Phillies’ projected Opening Day lineup, strengthening their cases for potential major league roles. Manager Aaron Boone was particularly impressed with Gil’s dominant performance, stating, “You can very easily see him factoring in [to the majors] in some role. I mean, that [stuff] works.” Boone couldn’t hide his amazement, even glancing around to ensure others were witnessing the exceptional outing.

The Phillies’ hitters had a difficult time against Gil, swinging and missing at an astonishing 15 out of 26 pitches. His mastery on the mound was a combination of effective changeups and sliders, but when it came to securing critical outs, his upper-90s fastball proved to be his go-to weapon.

Expressing his satisfaction in Spanish, Gil remarked, “I felt excellent, thank God,” adding that it had been a while since he felt this good on the mound.

Meanwhile, in Tampa, another promising pitching prospect, Will Warren – who is not yet on the 40-man roster but is considered MLB-ready – faced a formidable Baltimore Orioles lineup. Warren allowed one run on three hits while striking out three batters.

Warren reiterated his readiness to compete at the major league level, citing his experience from 21 games pitched with Triple-A Scranton/Wilkes-Barre last season. He emphasized his unwavering commitment to contributing to the team’s success whenever the opportunity arises, expressing his desire to make an impact sooner rather than later.

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