Which Yankees pitcher holds the record for the most strikeouts?

The Yankees pitcher with the most strikeouts is Andy Pettitte.
John Allen
Friday January 6, 2023

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The Yankees pitcher with the most strikeouts is Andy Pettitte. Whitey Ford and Ron Guidry are next on the list. Pettitte played for the Yankees for his whole career, from 1995 to 2013. He won five World Series rings during that time. During his time there, Pettitte struck out 2,448 batters, making him the team’s all-time leader in strikeouts.

1Andy Pettitte2,020
2Whitey Ford1,956
3Ron Guidry1,778
4CC Sabathia1,700
5Red Ruffing1,526
6Lefty Gomez1,468
7Mike Mussina1,278
8Mel Stottlemyre1,257
9Mariano Rivera1,173
10Bob Shawkey1,163

Many people think of Mariano Rivera when they think of the Yankees pitcher who has struck out a lot of batters. From 1995 to 2013, Rivera played for the Yankees. He was mostly a closer. During that time, he saved 652 games, which is a record in MLB. Rivera, on the other hand, got rid of 1,173 batters, which puts him in ninth place in Yankees history for strikeouts.

Others might think of CC Sabathia, a big man who pitched for the New York Yankees from 2009 to 2019, is the Yankees pitcher with the most strikeouts. Sabathia was one of the best pitchers to start a game in the 2000s. During his time with the Yankees, he struck out 1,700 times. Sabathia retired as the Yankees’ number 4 all-time strikeout leader, even though he was close to setting the team record.

Whitey Ford was another Yankees pitcher with a worthy track record. From 1950 to 1967, he pitched for the Yankees. During that time, he had more than 200 wins and 1,956 strikeouts. Ford won the Cy Young Award in 1961 after pitching 283 innings over 28 games, which was the most in the league. Ford is second on the list of all-time Yankees players with the most strikeouts, with nearly 2,000 in his career.

Which Yankees pitcher holds the strikeout record in a season?

Gerrit Cole is the Yankees pitcher who struck out the most batters in a season for the Yankees. In 2022, he struck out 257 batters. He beat Ron Guidry’s record on October 4, 2022. The Rangers beat them 3-2 in the second game of a split doubleheader. The old score for Guidry was 248.

Gerrit Cole202233257
Ron Guidry197835248
Gerrit Cole202130243
Jack Chesbro190455239
Luis Severino201731230
CC Sabathia201133230
David Cone199729222
Luis Severino201832220
Melido Perez199233218
Al Downing196437217

Who is the Yankees pitcher with the highest strikeouts per nine innings?

David Cone followed by Masahiro Tanaka and Roger Clemens.

Who is the Yankees pitcher with the most strikeouts in a game?

On June 17, 1978, when Ron Guidry pitched against the California Angels, he struck out 18. This is the most time a Yankee has struck out in a single game.

According to ESPN Stats & Info, New York Yankees pitcher Michael Pineda set a franchise record on May 10, 2015, when his team beat the Baltimore Orioles 6-2. He struck out 16 batters without walking any of them.

Who holds the record for the most strikeouts in the MLB?

Nolan Ryan has struck out more times than any other Major League Baseball player. During his record-breaking 27-year career, he got 5,714 batters to strike out. Roger Clemens has the most strikeouts in the American League with 4,167, while Steve Carlton has the most in the National League with 4,000.

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