WFAN host dares to call Yankees ‘Bronze Bombers’

WFAN hosts BT and Sal are disillusioned with the Yankees after they failed to acquire more top talents in the 2023 offseason.
Michael Bennington
Wednesday February 7, 2024

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WFAN hosts BT and Sal have a turnaround on their perspectives on the Yankees’ offseason. Initially excited by the Juan Soto trade, they now voice significant disappointment as spring training approaches.

BT has criticized the Yankees’ lackluster offseason as spring training nears, with Juan Soto being their only major addition, according to Sal. Lower-profile moves like Alex Verdugo and Marcus Stroman failed to impress. Sal expressed satisfaction that his co-host finally recognized the team’s shortcomings.

Despite portraying themselves as fully committed this winter, Sal believes the Yankees continue operating with half-measures, a pattern seen in recent years.

Sal criticized the Yankees for repeatedly imposing self-imposed limitations in their offseason moves. He cited their approach to Luis Castillo as an example, saying they claimed to want him but not at the price they were willing to pay. He contrasts the Yankees’ current state, nicknamed them “Bronze Bombers”, with their past reputation as the “gold standard” (like the Dodgers), suggesting a decline in their roster-building prowess. The lack of pursuit for a player like Yamamoto is seen as a sign of a move away from aggressive tactics. He felt once they missed out on Yamamoto, their supposed all-in approach was over.

Sal argued the current Yankees regime displays the same pattern of being either reluctant to spend money or reluctant to trade prospects in order to improve the team. He warned that the Yankees wouldn’t be able to upgrade the roster if as they are inflexible on giving up financial resources or prospects.

BT has a 360-degree turnaround on Yankees

Initially, BT remained optimistic about the Yankees’ offseason plans even before they commenced, becoming more bullish following their blockbuster Juan Soto trade acquisition. However, his tone shifted as weeks passed without significant further moves. By Tuesday morning, BT expressed disappointment in the team’s overall winter performance.

While BT initially praised the Soto acquisition, the lack of follow-up moves led him to acknowledge the trade as the lone “significant” addition. Verdugo and Stroman are seen as smaller acquisitions, not game-changers. BT criticizes the Yankees for sticking to their recent “restrained approach”, highlighting their reluctance to meet asking prices and tendency to impose restrictions in negotiations.

BT felt the Yankees had misled fans about their level of commitment, stating “This is not all in.” He admitted previously praising their offseason, appreciating the Verdugo and Stroman additions while lauding the Soto deal. But BT questioned how the rotation could be considered complete, especially when the Orioles abruptly landed Burnes.

After enduring their worst season in over 30 years in 2023, BT hoped the Soto trade signaled a Yankees return to aggressive spending. However, that did not materialize. BT voiced frustration with the measured offseason approach despite having both baseball’s top hitter and pitcher, feeling the team was not fully capitalizing on a unique opportunity.

Yankees slugger Juan Soto

BT expresses concern about the unaddressed pitching rotation, especially after the Orioles surprised everyone by acquiring Burnes. Reflecting on the 2023 disappointment, BT had hoped the Soto trade signaled a return to big-spending ways. However, the lack of additional impactful moves left him feeling dissatisfied.

BT believes the Yankees underachieved in the offseason, failing to maximize their potential despite having access to top-tier players in both hitting and pitching. He hopes for a turnaround in the future, but for now, the offseason is seen as a missed opportunity.

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2 thoughts on “WFAN host dares to call Yankees ‘Bronze Bombers’

  1. I agree with Sal and BT. I could change my feelings if they go out and sign Montgomery which costs nothing but money or if they trade for Cease or Bieber. Yankees definitely need more pitching as insurance for Cortes and Rodon.

  2. Stop about Castillo. Cashman said their price was too high. Media types have the Yankees equivalent to what Seattle gave and all came up with the Yankees equivalent being a much better package. Then, I still have not seen two reports that have the same players in an ask from Cincy. Plus, no one has ever gotten to the bottom of why the Marlins deal never happened.

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