The Yankees 2023 Schedule is Out: Opening Day Against Giants


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Even though the Yankees have a lot to worry about right now, their schedule for 2023 is here.

The 2023 MLB schedule came out on Wednesday, and it says that the Yankees will start the season on March 30, 2023, at home against the Giants.

With the 2023 MLB schedule, every team will play every other team in at least one series for the first time. This means that teams like the Red Sox will play less games. Here are all of the Yankees’ games for 2023.

Yankees 2023 schedule

March 30-April 2 vs. Giants (three games)

April 3-5 vs. Phillies

April 6-9 at Orioles (three games)

April 10-12 at Guardians

April 13-16 vs. Twins

April 18-20 vs. Angels

April 21-23 vs. Blue Jays

April 24-26 at Twins

April 27-30 at Rangers

May 1-3 vs. Guardians

May 5-7 at Rays

May 8-10 vs. Athletics

May 11-14 vs. Rays

May 15-18 at Blue Jays

May 19-21 at Reds

May 23-25 vs. Orioles

May 26-28 vs. Padres

May 29-31 at Mariners

June 2-4 at Dodgers

June 6-8 vs. White Sox

June 9-11 vs. Red Sox

June 13-14 at Mets

June 16-18 at Red Sox

June 20-22 vs. Mariners

June 23-25 vs. Rangers

June 27-29 at Athletics

June 30-July 2 at Cardinals

July 3-6 vs. Orioles

July 7-9 vs. Cubs

July 14-16 at Rockies

July 17-19 at Angels

July 21-23 vs. Royals

July 25-26 vs. Mets

July 28-30 at Orioles

July 31-Aug. 2 vs. Rays

Aug. 3-6 vs. Astros

Aug. 7-9 at White Sox

Aug. 11-13 at Marlins

Aug. 14-16 at Braves

Aug. 18-20 vs. Red Sox

Aug. 22-24 vs. Nationals

Aug. 25-27 at Rays

Aug. 28-31 at Tigers

Sept. 1-3 at Astros

Sept. 5-7 vs. Tigers

Sept. 8-10 vs. Brewers

Sept. 11-14 at Red Sox

Sept. 15-17 at Pirates

Sept. 19-21 vs. Blue Jays

Sept. 22-24 vs. Diamondbacks

Sept. 26-28 at Blue Jays

Sept. 29-Oct. 1 at Royals

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