Steinbrenner’s plan for Boone, Cashman belittles fans’ expectations, claims report

Cashman and Boone at Yankee Stadium

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After the Yankees’ disastrous ALCS rout, fans are up in the arms against general manager Brian Cashman and manager Aaron Boone. There is an increasing demand to sack both. However, Hal Steinbrenner’s plan reportedly belittles all those expectations.

According to a report by SNY’s Andy Martino, the Yankees are likely to bring back general manager Brian Cashman and manager Aaron Boone for the next season.

He writes:

“Cashman’s contract is up, of course, and most in the organization believe that Hal Steinbrennerwill ask him back, and that Cashman will accept. If Cashman returns, Boone — finishing up the first year of three in his current deal — is expected to come back, too. The only way it seems that this could go sideways for either of them is if fan vitriol becomes so toxic that Steinbrenner decides he must initiate a GM change that no one believes he wants to make.”

Cashman has been with the Yankees since 1986 when he started as an intern. Since 1998, he has been the general manager and senior vice president. Now that the Yankees’ season is over, his contract has also come to an end.

But Hal Steinbrenner, the owner of the Yankees, is likely to bring Cashman back. This means that team manager Boone is also likely to return.

Boone just finished the first year of his three-year contract, but he has been managing the team since 2018. This year, he led the team to the ALCS, where they were swept by the Astros. However, he was subject to criticism for his wrong decisions.

When fans say bad things about Cashman or Boone, Steinbrenner should think twice about letting them back on the team.

Still, nothing is certain yet. Cashman still has to work out a new deal with the Yankees, but SNY says that it should go well. During Cashman’s time with the Yankees, they won four World Series and have always had a winning season.

Cashman has been the Yankees’ general manager since 1998. But after the Yankees lost the ALCS, a lot of blame is being put on him. Since 2009, when New York won its last World Series title, the team hasn’t been there.

It’s not surprising that the Yankees would decide to stick with Cashman. Last month, president Randy Levine went on “The Show,” a baseball podcast with Jon Heyman and Joel Sherman from the New York Post, and said that Cashman will not be leaving. The Post reported:

“Levine didn’t say when GM Brian Cashman would leave, but it’s likely that he’ll stay on for at least his 26th season. Levine said good things about Cashman but said it was Hal Steinbrenner’s decision. Since that’s the case, no one expects Steinbrenner to change general managers after Cashman led the team to 25 straight winning seasons.”

But Michael Kay of the YES Network thinks Cashman should be blamed for the Yankees’ 13th straight season without a World Series title. His rant against the team management attracted widespread attention.

“If I’m Hal Steinbrenner, I have to sit down with Brian and the entire front office and go, ‘Listen, I’ve spent well over a billion dollars since 2009 and I don’t even have a World Series appearance to show for it. I don’t want to hear it’s a crapshoot in the postseason. It hasn’t been a crapshoot for Houston. They’ve won four out of six American League pennants and going to the World Series each time. Make it less of a crapshoot. Make something different. Give us different numbers because it can’t continue to go on like this. They can’t continue to fall short.”

Boone has been the manager for five years and has led the team to the playoffs every year. He has also won two division titles in 2019 and 2022. Even though Boone led the Yankees to a lot of wins during the regular season, he can’t seem to get them over the hump in the playoffs.

Under him, the Yankees lost the ALDS in 2018 and 2020. In 2019, the Astros pushed them out of the ALCS. It was repeated in 2022. The Yankees were defeated by the Boston Red Sox in the Wild Card series in 2021.

WFAN radio host Mike Francesa also sought the sacking of Cashman as the starting point for the Yankees’ revamp.

What do you think, should the Yankees retain Cashman and Boone? Leave your comment below.

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