Jose Trevino returns as Yankees catcher, Wells sidelined on Wednesday night

Players of the new york yankees: Jose Trevino and Austin Wells

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The New York Yankees have implemented two significant changes in their recent lineups. Firstly, Austin Wells has been omitted from the lineup for Wednesday’s game against the Orioles. Conversely, Jose Trevino finds himself in the lineup.

Jose Trevino’s return keeps Wells sidelined

Wells had been starting behind the plate in the last two games, but he’ll be on the bench for Wednesday’s matchup. Jose Trevino will take over as the Yankees’ starting catcher while Wells takes a seat. Additionally, following a 30-minute gap since the Yankees released the lineup for the Orioles game, manager Aaron Boone mentioned that DJ LeMahieu is making positive progress in his rehab, with Alex Verdugo expected to make a comeback to the Yankees’ roster on Thursday

Jose Trevino’s knuckler surprise: Years of practice pay off in mop-up duty for Yankees

Unexpectedly, Trevino found himself on the pitcher’s mound late in the game against the Brew Crew after the Yankees dominated with a score of 15-1 last weekend. Despite conceding two runs, Jose Trevino showcased an impressive knuckleball that caught the attention of many. While fans were surprised by the pitch’s effectiveness, Trevino revealed to MLB Network Radio that he had been diligently practicing the knuckleball throughout his career.

“I’ve been throwing it every day for the past 7 or 8 years maybe. I’ve been practicing it,” stated Trevino.

Trevino’s dedication to perfecting the knuckleball over the last seven or eight years is remarkable, especially considering he has only made one pitching appearance in his career.

“I wish I would have thrown more of them, I should have thrown more of them,” said Trevino, reflecting on his pitching strategy.

In hindsight, Trevino regrets not utilizing the knuckleball more frequently. Despite potentially possessing one of the best knuckleballs in the game, the decision to use it sparingly remains debatable, as discussed in a comprehensive breakdown by Jomboy.

Mastering the art of throwing a knuckleball is no easy feat, particularly in a competitive game. Trevino’s journey exemplifies the years of practice required to confidently incorporate the knuckleball into his repertoire.

When asked about his commitment to practicing the knuckleball, Yankees catcher Jose Trevino attributed it to catching Eddie Gamboa, who introduced him to the pitch during their time together.

“Finally, I’m like, ‘Hey dude, how do you throw this thing?’ And he was like, ‘Oh, you throw it like this, grip it like this’,” recounted Trevino.

After practicing the knuckleball on flat ground, Trevino gradually transitioned to throwing it from the mound. It wasn’t until he felt comfortable with his command that he deemed it suitable for a big league game.

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2 thoughts on “Jose Trevino returns as Yankees catcher, Wells sidelined on Wednesday night

  1. I have no problem with Trevino catching tonight, but why isn’t Wells the DH with Stanton on the bench? Carlos Narvaez is still here.

  2. I agree with you, AlanFromQueens. Wells should have been in the game. As a young player still adjusting to MLB pitching, Wells needs CONSISTENT at bats, especially now that he’s been hot as of late.

    Benching Wells on Wednesday was an all-too-typical example of Boone’s STUPIDITY, and the Yankees Total Mishandling of young players.

    Want proof: LOOK WHAT CABRERA HAS DONE ONCE HE GOT REGULAR AT BATS. And that didn’t happen because the Yankees Finally Realized they were Mishandling Him. No, it Only Happened because They Were FORCED to play Cabrera every day because of injuries.

    Every Yankees fan loves Trevino, but Trevino is NOT the future, and Wells may well be a big part of our future.

    But Boone & Brainless Brian Cashman seem determined to do whatever they can to destroy every Good Prospect’s Confidence by playing them Irregularly (like Peraza & Cabrera last year) or, in Pereira’s case, promoting them before they’re ready to face MLB pitching.

    Note: Pereira was a mere 22 with ONLY 35 AAA Games under his belt when Brainless Brian promoted him. You have to be A Complete Moron to think Pereira, who’s an excellent prospect, was ready to face MLB pitching after just 35 AAA games, but, unfortunately, the Yankees have A Complete Moron as their GM.

    Why didn’t Boone play Wells at Catcher against a Righty starter Wednesday night? Boone sat Wells for 3 straight days when the Yankees faced 3 straight Lefties, so why couldn’t Trevino sit for 3 straight days against Righties? That’s yet another example of Boone’s Lack of Consistency & his utter stupidity.

    Speaking of which, remember when Boone said he doesn’t want to pitch HOLMES for more than ONE INNING.

    He said that 5 GAMES AGO, For God’s Sake! but then he pitched Holmes for 1.2 innings Wednesday night! YOU’RE A MORON BOONE, you cost us a possible sweep in Milwaukee by NOT having Holmes go 2 innings (after throwing only 10 pitches in his ONE Inning), yet you used him for 1.2 Innings on Wednesday.

    Another example of Boone’s Stupidity is this: Why does dumb*** Boone insist on hitting Torres 6th (against a Righty, no less), while the Now MUCH BETTER HITTING Cabrera bats 9th?

    Torres has ZERO Home Runs, 5 RBI, and is hitting .215.

    Cabrera has FOUR Home Runs, 18 RBI, and is hitting .262.

    I’ll stop calling Boone & Cashman Morons, Stupid, Idiots, and Brainless IF someone can explain why Torres is hitting higher in the lineup than Cabrera.

    It took that moron Boone about 30 games to realize that Verdugo, who is a MUCH BETTER HITTER THAN TORRES, should be hitting ahead of both Torres & Stanton.

    So, how long will this Idiot insist of having Torres hit higher in the order than Cabrera?

    Why does Boone insist on acting like Torres is a premium player? He’s NOT! He’s been Inconsistent & Frequently AWFUL at bat, in the field, and on the bases for 3+ years now.

    I’ll say it again, when Berti and (possibly) DJL come back from the IL, Boone will sit Cabrera Far More Frequently than the Crap Hitting, Crap Fielding & Crap Base-Running Torres.

    The way Cabrera is coming through in the clutch this year (unlike the inept Torres), Cabrera should NEVER sit, unless he needs a day off against a tough Lefty.

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