Soto and Judge cards command premium in heated eBay bidding war

Aaron Judge and Juan Soto's impressive form in New York Yankees uniforms has made their autographed cards extremely popular on eBay, with bids reaching very high levels.

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Juan Soto and Aaron Judge have been sensational in their debut season with the New York Yankees, driving the team’s strong start both offensively and defensively. Their impressive performance has been instrumental in the Yankees’ rise to the top of the fiercely competitive American League East, with the team holding a solid record in MLB.

Aaron Judge and Juan Soto: On-Field dominance and off-field memorabilia frenzy

Aaron Judge's recent stellar performances for the New York Yankees have driven up the prices of his autographed cards on eBay, sparking intense bidding wars.
Daniel Shirey/MLB Photos

Aaron Judge’s recent performance has been particularly noteworthy. Following his first career ejection on May 4th, Judge has been on an incredible tear. In the 17 games since his ejection, he has posted a .429 batting average, a 1.089 slugging percentage, and a 1.662 OPS, along with 9 home runs. This hot streak has not only boosted the Yankees on the field but also significantly increased the value of Judge’s memorabilia.

On eBay, Aaron Judge‘s baseball cards are reaching extraordinary values, reflecting his surging performance at the plate. Notably, three of his cards are listed for over one million dollars. The most expensive is a 1-of-1 2015 Gold Spectrum Player Worn Logoman auto card, graded a mint 9 by Beckett Card Grading, with a price tag of $4,999,000. Another high-value card is a 2013 Prizm auto, priced at $1,215,950, followed by a 2016 Bowman’s Best Atomic Refractor, listed at one million dollars.

Aaron Judge's excellent form while playing for the New York Yankees has put his autographed cards on eBay in the spotlight, leading to competitive bidding and high prices.

Beyond baseball cards, other memorabilia items featuring Aaron Judge are also fetching high prices. Autographed jerseys, for example, are valued between $4,000 and $5,000. These jerseys commemorate significant moments in Judge’s career, including his designation as the 16th captain of the Yankees, and come with added features such as photos and a monitor playing his highlights.

Juan Soto's excellent form on the field has put his autographed cards on eBay in the spotlight, leading to competitive bidding and high prices.
Patrick Smith

Juan Soto‘s outstanding play has also created a buzz in the memorabilia market. His cards on eBay are selling for impressive amounts, underscoring his impact on the field. The most expensive Soto card, shared with Atlanta Braves star Ronald Acuna Jr., is listed at $500,000. This rare card, graded PSA 10, is one of only five in existence. Soto’s first rookie card, also graded 10 by PSA, is priced at $250,000. Additionally, a Bowman Chrome card featuring Soto, graded 9.5 by Beckett Card Grading, is available for $135,000. This card includes an autograph and orange refractors, enhancing its value.

The surge in Juan Soto's performance has made his autographed cards on eBay highly coveted, leading to intense bidding and high final prices.

Juan Soto’s market is thriving, reflecting his growing legacy among collectors. Another highly valued item is a 2018 Topps Dynasty Logo Patch auto, listed at $116,000. The increasing value of Soto’s memorabilia is a testament to his rising star power in Major League Baseball.

The performances of Aaron Judge and Juan Soto have not only propelled the Yankees to the top of their division but also elevated their status in the memorabilia market, where collectors are willing to pay premium prices for items associated with these baseball stars.

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