Social media survey claims Yankees second-most hated MLB team

A Yankees fan shows Derek Jeter Captain America Bobblehead on Jun 23 at Yankee Stadium

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According to a selective social media survey, the Yankees rank second among the most-disliked MLB teams. The first spot goes to the Los Angeles Dodgers and the third spot is occupied by the Houston Astros.

The survey done over the last two months by took into account fans’ reactions on Twitter with a focus on negative comments against MLB teams. According to an analysis of negative tweets, hashtags, and keyword phrases related to each team, the Dodgers have claimed the top spot as the most disliked team, with the Yankees following closely behind, and the Astros ranking third in terms of public animosity.

Top 10 most-hated MLB teams

The analysis tracked and analyzed a staggering number of over 100,000 tweets. The keyword phrases included things, such as “I hate the Yankees,” “Dodgers suck,” “Yankees are garbage,” “Dodgers are overrated,” or Yankees are horrible” or those with the f-word.

RankTeamNegative tweets
1.Los Angeles Dodgers 9016
2.New York Yankees 8712
3.Houston Astros 7658
4.New York Mets 6326
5.Atlanta Braves 5822
6.St. Louis Cardinals 4692
7.Philadelphia Phillies 4552
8.Boston Red Sox 4270
9.San Diego Padres 4124
10.Kansas City Royals 3642

According to, the top three teams that have consistently been considered the “most hated” for several consecutive years underwent a change in their ranking for the year 2023.

Despite a sluggish beginning by the defending champions, who faced difficulties in surpassing a .500 winning percentage, the final outcome of the rankings remained unchanged. This could be attributed to the steadfast loyalty displayed by Astros fans, while a significant portion of the negative tweets regarding the Yankees and Dodgers likely originated from their own passionate and critical fan bases.

The Arizona Diamondbacks received the lowest amount of negative attention, with only 846 tracked tweets expressing dislike or criticism towards the team. The New York Mets rank fourth on the list while the Boston Red Sox are on the eighth position. The A’s, who are facing an abysmally low level of fan attendance, are ranked outside the most-disliked 20 teams.

What makes the Yankees rank among the disliked teams

Yankees owner Hal Steinbrenner with GM Brian Cashman at Yankee Stadium.

Whereas the Yankees fans turned vocal against their team Astros supporters remained loyal to the team throughout the 2017 cheating scandal, while fans in other cities displayed a considerable amount of hostility.

The Bronx faithful consistently booed their veterans, who failed to perform, and this expanded the Yankees’ negative reviews on social media. Historically, the Yankees fans were vocal and are not hesitant to slam the poor performance of their team. General manager Brian Cashman and skipper Aaron Boone also continue to draw the ire of the team’s fans online.

To turn the survey upside down, one can find the Yankees as the second-most team talked about on social media. Also, with 27 championships, they have the largest fanbase in MLB and remain the most popular among all baseball teams across the world.

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