Michael Kay blasts Ohtani for ‘unbelievable’ silence amid betting allegations

Yankees' voice Michael Kay and Dodgers' star Shohei Ohtani.

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Yankees broadcaster Michael Kay is stunned that superstar Shohei Ohtani hasn’t had to face any questions about the gambling scandal involving his former interpreter Ippei Mizuhara.

Mizuhara, who was also a close friend of Ohtani’s, has been accused of misusing $4.5 million of Ohtani’s money to pay off illegal gambling debts. Last month, Ohtani held a press conference and read a prepared statement. He denied betting on sports himself and claimed he didn’t know Mizuhara had taken millions from his account until the media reported on it.

But since then, Ohtani has avoided answering any follow-up questions about the matter, which is currently under investigation by federal authorities and Major League Baseball. Michael Kay is particularly peeved at the Dodger’s silence on allegations about his involvement.

Michael Kay demands answers from Ohtani

Yankees long-time voice Michael Kay.

On Tuesday, a radio caller named Ken from Connecticut questioned Michael Kay about how such a huge story seems to have disappeared from the headlines after just two weeks.

Ken wondered how Ohtani, one of baseball’s biggest stars, has managed to dodge reporters and avoid providing any further explanation about the scandal involving his former friend and interpreter’s alleged misconduct with his finances.

Michael Kay expressed disbelief that Ohtani hasn’t had to address the situation more thoroughly, especially given the seriousness of the accusations and the millions of dollars purportedly mishandled. The veteran broadcaster lamented Ohtani’s lack of accountability.

Michael Kay pondered the situation, remarking that what struck him the most was the apparent lack of concern from fans. He found it remarkable that the individual in question had never been required to face questions on the matter, never speaking beyond a prepared statement and avoiding any interaction with the media. Michael Kay questioned whether any other athlete in any professional sport would be granted the same leniency.

“The most unbelievable thing to me, fans don’t care about this, the guy has never had to take questions on this. Not once!” Michael Kay mused. What other athlete, in any professional sport, would be allowed to remain mum — not say a word other than a prepared statement and never take a question!”

Veteran broadcaster Michael Kay can’t believe Shohei Ohtani hasn’t faced questioning from reporters about the gambling scandal involving his former interpreter Ippei Mizuhara.

Mizuhara, a close friend of Ohtani’s, is accused of misusing $4.5 million of the superstar’s money to pay gambling debts. While Ohtani denied betting himself, he hasn’t provided further details since initially addressing the matter last month.

Co-host Don La Greca noted that as an international star, Ohtani has benefited from baseball’s regional nature, where fans primarily focus on their local teams over national stories.

Still, Michael Kay finds it inexplicable that one of the sport’s biggest names has seemingly avoided scrutiny over such a serious allegation involving millions of dollars and alleged misconduct by someone in his inner circle.

Yankees great Alex Rodriguez is with Dodger's Shohei Ohtani.

According to Michael Kay, Ohtani needs to address two major questions. Firstly, he demanded Ohtani to answer whether he bet on baseball games – something Ohtani has already denied in a previous press conference. Secondly, the Yankees voice believes Ohtani should explain how he and his financial team seemingly did not notice millions of dollars mysteriously disappearing from his bank account.

This comes amid reports of a potential betting or financial scandal involving Ohtani. Unlike other star players like Francisco Lindor and Aaron Judge, Ohtani has avoided answering media questions about the situation, according to Michael Kay. This has led to increased scrutiny and calls for Ohtani to provide more transparency about the concerning allegations.

Michael Kay expressed his amazement, pointing out that after every challenging defeat, Francisco Lindor, Aaron Judge, and Juan Soto are willing to address the media. In contrast, the individual in question avoids answering any questions, despite being involved in what could potentially be one of the most significant scandals in baseball history.

“It’s just amazing to me, after every tough loss, Francisco Lindor, Aaron Judge and Juan Soto talk,” he claimed. “This guy doesn’t have to answer a question? And he’s in the middle of what could be one of the biggest scandals in baseball history and he has not answered a question.”

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One thought on “Michael Kay blasts Ohtani for ‘unbelievable’ silence amid betting allegations

  1. The article states that $4.5 Million of Ohtani money was used to pay off gambling debts, but that’s what was Originally Reported. The fact is that his interpreter & buddy spent $16 Million of Ohtani’s money to pay off bookies.

    In my view, there’s ZERO chance that both Mizuhara & Ohtani are telling the truth about this affair, especially about whether Mizuhara ever bet on MLB games.

    I had a great friend who was a compulsive gambler, so I can categorically say that No Compulsive Gambler would avoid betting on the ONLY sport in which he had inside information: that is, from OHTANI about the Dodgers and other MLB teams.

    So, why would Mizuhara lie about not betting on baseball? The only logical explanation is that Mizuhara was betting on baseball with Ohtani’s prior knowledge and, possibly, even on behalf of Ohtani.

    It was implied in some stories that, because his buddy Mizuhara put any winnings in His Own Account & NOT in Ohtani’s account, that was exculpatory of any involvement by Ohtani. That’s BS, too, and here’s why.

    If winnings were put in Ohtani’s account, then it would be IMPOSSIBLE for Ohtani to claim he wasn’t involved. Having winnings put into an account that was NOT TIED to Ohtani gave him “plausible deniability” of any involvement in the illegal gambling.

    So, why would Mizuhara lie to protect Ohtani? How about the fact that Ohtani’s $700 Million deal with the Dodgers might be canceled for violating MLB’s rules about gambling on baseball & consorting with illegal gamblers? How’s that for a reason? And how good a reason is that for Ohtani to possibly pay off his buddy to keep his mouth shut?

    The explanation of how Mizuhara gained unfettered access to MILLION$ of Ohtani’s money, supposedly without Octani’s prior knowledge, Screams of Bull****. Here’s why:

    OHTANI HAD TO KNOW THAT HIS BEST BUDDY WAS A COMPULSIVE GAMBLER, YET HE GAVE HIM UNFETTERED, SOLE(!) ACCESS TO HIS MONEY, and he’s supposedly shocked that his compulsive-gambler buddy gambled with said money! COME ON! WHAT COMPLETE BULL****!

    Michael Kay is right. Ohtani has A HELL OF A LOT OF EXPLAINING TO DO. And why isn’t MLB forcing him to do that, FOR THE GOOD OF THE GAME?

    Will baseball REALY Thoroughly Investigate this affair? Probably not because Ohtani is a “star” player, even though this case literally effects The Integrity of the Game.

    So, let’s call this affair THE DODGER BLUE SOX SCANDAL.

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