Marwin Gonzalez clears concussion test after catcher’s hit ‘blacked him out’

marwin gonzalez after the ball hit his head

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MILWAUKEE — Marwin Gonzalez of the New York Yankees had a concussion test after a catcher’s throw hit him on his head at American Family Field.  The 33-year-old was “blacked out” following the impact and had to exit the game. He underwent a concussion test after complaining of dizziness following the hit.

The test reports came negative and the player is fine after the injury scare that made the Yankees and their fans anxious.

It was during the third inning when he was hit by a throw from the Brewers’ catcher Victor Caratini. Marwin Gonzalez got a strike in his first at-bat of the night in Milwaukee. He was standing in the box and pitcher Brandon Woodruff was on the mound.

Caratini threw the ball back to the pitcher. However, it struck Gonzalez on the right side of the head from a close quarter and threw his helmet out. A stumbled Gonzalez felt blacked out for a minute. The player had to leave the game following a few minutes of examination by his team physio.

According to Marwin Gonzalez:

“I was kind of blacked out for a second and my legs were a little shaky. I was out for a minute. That’s the reason why the trainer didn’t want me to keep going. I tried to stay in the game but he didn’t want me to because he said it wasn’t good symptoms.”

Gonzalez had a red welt and scratch marks on the left side of his face after the game, where the ball had hit him. Scratch marks were due to his panic response to rub the area after the injury scare.

Later, he felt dizziness and nausea. Gonzalez said:

“I was dizzy at the moment that happened. It got me pretty good. I didn’t realize how good he got me until I saw the video. I thought it was the ball when it was actually his hand.”

After Marwin Gonzalez complained of dizziness, the Yankees let him have a concussion test. The Venezuelan reported feeling much better on next morning.

Already troubled with so many injuries this season, the episode was petrifying for the Yankees.

Does the above video show the throw was intentional or an accident? Any message for Marwin Gonzalez or the Yankees fans?

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