Jasson Dominguez’s HR barrage puts him into Yankees record books for two reasons

Jasson Dominguez hits a home run against the Brewers at Yankee Stadium on September 09, 2023.
Josh Barrett
Saturday September 9, 2023

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During his first seven games as a major league player, Jasson Dominguez has earned himself a spot on two exclusive lists of Yankees players, who have achieved the same feats.

Even though the Yankees lost 8-2 to the Milwaukee Brewers, their centerfielder made a significant impact with his batting. The 20-year-old hit a two-run home run in the third inning against Colin Rea. This was his fourth home run and his seventh run batted in during his short time in the big leagues. By achieving this, Jasson Dominguez earned a place on two special lists for Yankees players, showing just how impressive his first seven games as a big leaguer have been so far.

According to ESPN Stats & Info, Jasson Dominguez became only the third player in Yankees history to have three games with multiple runs batted in (RBI) in the first seven games of their career. The other two players who accomplished this were Jesse Hill in 1935 and Frank Laporte in 1905. Additionally, the 20-year-old centerfielder joined Shelley Duncan, who was his Triple-A manager, as the only two players in Yankees history to hit four home runs in their first seven games as big leaguers. Duncan had it in 2007.

Jasson Dominguez’s exclusivity

The rookie smashed his fourth home run of his MLB career on Friday night. This homer traveled about 402 feet and briefly put the Yankees ahead of Milwaukee in the game at Yankee Stadium. It’s interesting to note that all four of Jasson Dominguez’s home runs were hit from the left side of the plate.

Teams and pitchers are currently working on strategies to handle Jasson Dominguez, but according to Boone, most organizations already had a pretty good understanding of the rookie’s strengths and areas where he might have some challenges before he even joined the major leagues.


After the game on Friday, Jasson Dominguez batted third in the lineup for the sixth game in a row, and he started as the fifth batter in his first game. So far, he has 7 hits out of 22 at-bats when batting as a left-handed batter and 1 hit out of 5 when batting as a right-handed batter.

Throughout his time in the minor leagues, Jasson Dominguez consistently performed better when batting as a left-handed hitter. This year, he had an OPS of .846 when hitting as a lefty and .725 when hitting as a righty.

DJ LeMahieu, for example, hasn’t been shocked to see Jasson Dominguez bat in the middle of the lineup, even though he’s still relatively new to the major league. According to him, the rookie has the potential to become a valuable player in the league and would suit a spot in the middle of the lineup. He noted that there was significant attention and excitement surrounding Jasson Dominguez for a valid reason. LeMahieu pointed out that they observed Dominguez’s talent in several games and anticipated to see how the unique and gifted talent would continue to perform in the game.

Jasson Dominguez brings fans back to rejoicing

The rookie has amazed fans with his strength, athleticism, and how well he comes across on camera. Some Yankees fans planned to stop watching games until next February, but his performance changed their minds. Pitchers have been trying to be more cautious when facing him, but that didn’t stop Jasson Dominguez from hitting his fourth home run in the third inning on Friday.

Yankees captain Aaron Judge with rookie sensation Jasson Dominguez at Yankee Stadium on September 5, 2023, in a game vs. the Tigers.
AP Photo/Adam Hunger

Even though Jasson Dominguez has been a big surprise to most people, his sudden burst of home runs didn’t shock anyone in the baseball world. Aaron Boone mentioned that he was certain that from the moment the rookie made his debut in Houston, the Astros had a clear understanding of who he was as a player and how they intended to handle him.

The manager’s answer highlighted how the extensive information available in baseball these days plays a significant role. In today’s world, thanks to the internet, almost everyone has access to all sorts of information.

Yet, what makes Jasson Dominguez’s debut so interesting is the sense of mystery surrounding it. Maybe it was the perfect timing, hitting a home run in his very first at-bat against the future Hall of Famer Justin Verlander.

When it comes to the age-old strategic battle between pitchers and batters, Boone is correct. Nowadays, there are no more hidden tricks or secrets, and this applies even to young players in amateur leagues.

As the Yankees are finishing their season, the focus goes back to Jasson Dominguez and everyone’s curiosity about his strong start. However, what really interests Boone is the second part of the question: How good will Jasson Dominguez be one year from now? That’s what he finds intriguing.

Boon said that opposing teams would likely make changes and adjustments. He pointed out that adaptation is a significant aspect of the game and that it’s a constant process that happens regularly.

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