Is it the era of Wells? Austin Wells poises to define the Yankees in 2024


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The upcoming 2024 season holds immense promise for Austin Wells, the New York Yankees‘ No. 7 prospect. Having made his debut during the 2023 season, the 24-year-old University of Arizona alum is eager to establish himself as a regular player. However, securing a starting role won’t come easy, especially with Jose Trevino anticipated to take the reins as the primary catcher. Despite the competition, Wells is determined to make a strong case for himself during Spring Training, emphasizing his offensive contributions as the key to clinching the coveted starting catcher position.

Can 2024 be the year for Austin Wells with the Yankees?

Yankees' Austin Wells is at Tampa during a practice session.

For Austin Wells, the season ahead is defined by two primary objectives – winning a starting job and contributing to the Yankees’ pursuit of a World Series title. Balancing personal aspirations with the team’s ultimate goal, Wells acknowledges the competitive nature of baseball and expresses a willingness to adapt his role for the greater good of the team. In an interview with Bill Ladson of, Wells articulates his mindset, asserting that aiming for a backup position is incompatible with the competitive ethos of baseball. Instead, he champions the belief in being a starter and actively working towards that status.

Reflecting on his initial foray into the big leagues, Wells faced challenges at the plate, finishing with a slash line of .229/.257/.486 in 70 at-bats. Despite the struggles, the young catcher showcased his power, with 10 of his 16 hits going for extra bases, including four home runs. This offensive potential distinguishes Wells and positions him as a compelling contender against Trevino for the starting role.

“If you are trying to be a backup, you are in the wrong sport. Baseball is definitely one of the more competitive sports when it comes to trying to have a job. Going in trying to be the starter, believing you should be the starter and working to be a starter is really the only mindset and choice that you can have if you are a baseball player.”

The upcoming Spring Training is poised to be a critical juncture for Wells. His ability to replicate the success from his Minor League career will be pivotal in determining his standing within the team. Joining the Yankees during a tumultuous period in the previous season, Wells now anticipates a more favorable environment to showcase his true capabilities.

With the disappointment of the last season lingering, the Yankees are eager to turn the page and reestablish themselves as contenders. Wells, with his offensive prowess, aims to contribute significantly to the team’s resurgence. The impending competition with Trevino adds an intriguing layer to the preseason narrative, with both catchers vying for the starting spot.

As Wells navigates the challenges of securing a starting role, he remains cognizant of the team’s overarching objective – clinching a World Series title. Whether as a starter or in a supporting role, Wells is committed to contributing to the collective success of the New York Yankees. The forthcoming season not only holds the promise of individual accomplishment for the budding star but also the potential for the team’s redemption and a shot at baseball glory.

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