Insider reveals why deal with the Yankees and Burnes fell through

Corbin Burnes was near to sign a deal with the Yankees

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The recent revelation surrounding the New York Yankees’ decision-making process regarding the Corbin Burnes trade with the Baltimore Orioles and Milwaukee Brewers has left many fans disappointed, and understandably so. According to reports from SNY’s Andy Martino, Yankees’ General Manager Brian Cashman and his team deemed the asking price for Burnes as “too much,” ultimately opting out of the deal.

“They were, they did try to get Corbin Burnes,” Martino said. “They were disappointed that they didn’t but I don’t have the players or the trade package that was discussed. I wish I could tell you that. But I do know that the Yankees felt like ‘Woah that is too much’ and the next thing they knew he was a Baltimore Oriole and they didn’t get too far down the tracks. Unfortunate for the Yankees.”

Burnes trade details emerge

Corbin Burnes was on the radar of the Yankees before moving to the Baltimore Orioles

While the specifics of the Orioles’ demands remain undisclosed, it is evident that they were willing to part with significant prospects and a first-round comp draft pick for a full season of Burnes at a reasonable price. Given the competitive landscape, this seemed like a fair offer, one that the Yankees could have capitalized on. However, they chose not to engage further, missing out on a prime opportunity to bolster their rotation.

What lies ahead of the Yankees?

Brian Cashman, the general manager of the Yankees

With Burnes now off the table, the Yankees find themselves in need of alternative solutions to fortify their pitching staff. While the recent acquisition of Dodgers left-hander Caleb Ferguson strengthens their bullpen, it does little to address the void left by Burnes’ absence in the starting rotation.

Despite the setback, there is speculation that Cashman and the front office are actively exploring other trade opportunities, possibly even during spring training. This prospect offers a glimmer of hope for fans who are eager to see their team make strategic moves to remain competitive in the upcoming season.

The decision to pass on Burnes raises questions about the Yankees’ evaluation of talent and their willingness to invest in premium players. Some speculate that previous trades, such as those involving Juan Soto and Alex Verdugo, may have compromised the team’s farm system and MLB depth, influencing their hesitance to meet the Orioles’ demands.

Looking ahead, the Yankees must adjust their strategy and remain vigilant, especially as the trade deadline approaches. While Burnes was considered a top target for mid-season acquisition, the team must now explore other avenues to reinforce their roster and stay competitive in the race for postseason contention.

While the Burnes trade undoubtedly strengthens the Orioles’ pitching rotation, it remains to be seen whether it will be enough to propel them to the top of the AL East. For the Yankees, the search for All-Star caliber talent to complement Gerrit Cole continues, with the hope that they can find suitable alternatives to Burnes in the coming months.

As the offseason progresses, fans eagerly await further developments, hopeful that the Yankees’ front office will seize opportunities to address their pitching needs and position the team for success in the upcoming season.

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