Grading the 2023 first half – Yankees manager and coaches

Yankees manager Aaron Boone with his staff at Yankee Stadium

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Although a lot of the Yankees’ struggles are tied to poor performance on the field, when a team is not performing up to expectations, naturally observers will look at it more widely. The onus moves to the men behind the lineup — coaches and managers. Below are our mid-term grades for Yankees coaches and manager throughout the season thus far leading up to the All-Star break. This isn’t the entire coaching staff, but those who play a critical role in the team’s performance.

Aaron Boone – Manager, Grade C

Aaron Boone - AP Photo

Boone made mistakes that proved costly for the Yankees on multiple occasions. However, still, he gets the credit for floating up the Yankees and keeping the team together. Though he made a history of evictions, he has fought for the team without any hesitation. But being the manager of a team that is performing subpar despite having talents onboard, he carries the accountability to Yankees fans.

Matt Blake – Pitching coach Grade A

Matt Blake - Credit Concord Monitor

Although there have been concerns about starting pitching, for example, the sub-par performance of Luis Severino, and Nestor Cortes, Matt Blake has done an above-satisfactory job. Given that he has not had one of the aces signed in the offseason in Carlos Rodon, he has managed to handle rookies and veterans alike to a combined starting ERA of

Carlos Mendoza – Bench Coach, Grade B

Carlos Mendoza - AP Photo

He is the right-hand man to the Yankees manager feeding him data and information to make decisions. As many of Aaron Boone’s decisions have fallen flat, he too has to bear a part of the responsibility. However, he has successfully stepped in when Boone was sent out of the game or suspended.

Dillon Lawson – Hitting Coach, Grade F

Dillon Lawson - Reddit

He is blamed for the Yankees’ offensive slump in the first half and sacked by the team as soon as the All-Star break approached.

Casey Dykes – Assistant Hitting Coach, Grade D

Casey Dykes -

Though the Yankees retained him after sacking his boss, he can’t escape the blame for the loss of the team’s offensive breakdown. However, he has a chance to revive himself under the new hitting coach.

Brad Wilkerson – Assistant Hitting Coach, Grade D

Brad Wilkerson - The Athletic

Despite the Yankees deciding to keep him on board after firing his manager, he cannot evade responsibility for the team’s offensive struggles. However, there is a glimmer of hope for him to turn things around with the guidance of the new hitting coach.

Desi Druschel – Assistant Pitching Coach, Grade A

Desi Druschel - MLB

A good rotation that includes Gerrit Cole’s All-Star selection, German’s perfect game, and some great performances by two rookies certainly bring some distinction for the coaches.

Travis Chapman – First Base Coach, Grade B

Travis Chapman - The Athletic

The Yankees first base fails to maintain its level of excellence over the years and this is visible in this season too. Chapman seems to be missing the beyond-average push.

Luis Rojas – Third Base Coach, Grade B

Luis Rojas - NY Post

Perhaps, it was his misfortune to be with players who are at the receiving end of the Yankees fans’ anger. His men continue to struggle both in defense and offense.

Mike Harkey – Bullpen Coach, Grade A

Mike Harkey - The Greedy Pinstripes

The Yankees’ bullpen has emerged as a key asset in offsetting their offensive slowdown in many games. It currently ranks the best in MLB and the coach is certainly a vital factor in getting the best out of relief pitchers.

Tanner Swanson – Quality Control and Catching Coach, Grade A

Tanner Swanson - AP Photo

There were some of the finest catches in the first half by Aaron Judge, Harrison Bader, Anthony Volpe, and Jake Bauers. However, catches too often led to injuries too. Still, Swanson seems to be the only Yankees coach

Yankees batting mid-term report card

Team Totals9133212987400690125111293845420279732.231.300.410.710961224662762210
Rank in 15 AL teams15914149310121241311789139

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Yankees’ mid-term pitching record 

Team Totals3.809191892226812.071538034399298178350102434371114.221.2487.
Rank in 15 AL teams526554756119

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What do you think about the grades? Leave your opinion in the comments below.

One thought on “Grading the 2023 first half – Yankees manager and coaches

  1. Boone gets an F. He can’t manage anything. Pulls the pitcher too early and then picks exactly the wrong relief pitcher, or he leaves a pitcher in too long and lets the game get out of hand. Gives playing time to aging has beens when younger players are available. Needs to occassionally embarrass a certain 2nd baseman when he pulls bonehead plays and can’t get his head into the game. Boone was diectly responsible for at least 10 losses due to his poor decisions.

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