Giancarlo Stanton set for 2024 rebound with a lean, mean physique

New York Yankees slugger Giancarlo Stanton poses for a photograph shotting

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The Yankees 2023 season witnessed Giancarlo Stanton‘s fall from grace. Marred by injuries, the power hitter experienced the worst year of his career and this invited backlash from fans. Now he is setting his focus on rebounding in the upcoming season with a slimmed-down physique.

Aaron Boone, the Yankees manager, has confirmed that a part of the strategy for Giancarlo Stanton’s resurgence involves enhancing his agility. While speaking at the Winter Meetings, he mentioned that the slugger would likely showcase a leaner physique, acknowledging that while Giancarlo Stanton has always maintained excellent fitness, reaching this stage of his career while being slightly lighter would benefit him.

I think you’re going to see a leaner Giancarlo – he’s always in great shape, but being at this point in his career, being a little lighter is gonna be something that serves him well,” he said. “I think it’s something he knows and wants to do.”

Boone indicated that Giancarlo Stanton is aware of and desires this change. The Yankees manager anticipated seeing him in an even lighter state and hoped it would enhance his athleticism on the bases. He emphasized the importance of having him not just as an outfield option but a valuable one, suggesting this was a priority for the player himself.

Giancarlo Stanton is under pressure to rebound


The Yankees are aiming for a dynamic double-play this offseason, targeting the acquisitions of both Juan Soto and Yoshinobu Yamamoto. Despite the potential impact of external additions, there’s considerable space for internal enhancements, with a primary focus on revitalizing Giancarlo Stanton’s performance.

Standing at 6 feet 6 inches, Giancarlo Stanton, known for his imposing physical presence, has traditionally been reported at 245 pounds in recent seasons. But his inability to run faster and recurring injuries invited increased criticism in 2023.

Before the truncated 2020 season, Giancarlo Stanton claimed to have shed 20 pounds in an effort to recover from the injury-plagued 2019 season. Despite these efforts, he faced a setback, missing a month due to a hamstring strain.

At 34 years old, Giancarlo Stanton is emerging from the least successful season of his career. Experiencing a hamstring strain in April, he returned in late May but struggled to regain momentum. His offensive output took a hit, registering a .191 batting average with a .695 OPS over 101 games. Additionally, his effectiveness on the bases was notably constrained as he sought to avoid further leg injuries.

Upon concluding the season, Giancarlo Stanton hinted at making “a lot of changes,” although he didn’t elaborate on the specifics. Manager Boone was similarly vague, alluding to the slugger undergoing changes with an emphasis on becoming leaner.

Boone on Stanton’s changes for a revival

Yankees' Giancarlo Stanton in the game against Orioles, April 08, 2023, at Baltimore.

Boone hinted at the player’s offseason adjustments without delving into specifics, expressing his anticipation and excitement about the changes the player is implementing. He emphasized being enthusiastic about the progress Giancarlo Stanton is making during the winter and looked forward to witnessing the results once they arrive at spring training.

Certainly, Giancarlo Stanton wasn’t the sole Yankee facing challenges at the plate in the past season. His individual struggles, however, weren’t the sole contributor to the Yankees’ descent into one of the league’s least effective offenses. Yet, given Giancarlo Stanton’s demonstrated capability to be a significant offensive force, his absence as a threatening presence in the heart of the Yankees’ lineup was keenly felt.

Boone expressed his high level of enthusiasm regarding Giancarlo Stanton’s preparation, stating that he is intensely dedicated to his current regimen. He highlighted the slugger’s innate focus as a player, mentioning that it’s currently heightened as he’s determined to enter spring training in optimal condition. Boone emphasized that Giancarlo Stanton is wholly committed to ensuring he performs at his typical high standard throughout the upcoming season.

The changed scenario for the Yankees

Boone expressed confidence in his player, mentioning a belief that the slugger is poised for a significant and successful year ahead. Despite the infusion of Soto’s talent, the Yankees are still committed to paying Giancarlo Stanton $98 million over the next four years, and his no-trade clause poses a significant hurdle to any potential move.

Even if Giancarlo Stanton falls short of returning to his MVP-level performance, a version closer to that would contribute to extending the depth of the Yankees’ lineup and provide additional protection for Soto and Aaron Judge.

The outfield dynamic is another aspect to consider. The Yankees have undergone a transformation in their outfield this offseason, positioning Soto and Alex Verdugo to patrol the corners on either side of Judge. Boone’s optimism about Giancarlo Stanton being a “good option” in the outfield aligns with Judge’s post-season sentiment, suggesting that giving the slugger more opportunities to play in the outfield and stay active could prove beneficial for the regular designated hitter role.

Boone conveyed that his discussions with Giancarlo Stanton at the end of the season focused on ensuring their increased athleticism and readiness to become a genuine and valuable outfield option.

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