Ex-Yankee first baseman earns MLB call-up despite setbacks

Former New York Yankees player Mike Ford during a press conference.

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Former New York Yankees first baseman/DH, Mike Ford, is making headlines again, this time for his unexpected call-up to the majors with the Cincinnati Reds. Despite being released twice already this season by the Reds, Ford, hailing from Belle Mead, New Jersey, is signing his third free-agent deal with the team.

Mike Ford’s winding MLB journey leads to Reds

Ford’s journey to Cincinnati has been a tumultuous one, marked by resilience and determination. Having played 101 games with the Yankees from 2019 to 2021, Mike Ford is no stranger to the MLB scene. His breakout moment came in 2019 when he impressed with 12 homers in just 50 games, showcasing his potential as a left-handed first baseman/designated hitter.

The 31-year-old slugger has displayed consistency and prowess in the minor leagues, notably slashing .297/.381/.539 with six home runs in 105 plate appearances for Cincinnati’s Triple-A affiliate. It’s this performance that has earned him a coveted spot on the Reds’ 26-man roster.

Mike Ford’s MLB journey has been characterized by its twists and turns, having been associated with seven different teams throughout his career, including multiple stints with three of them. Starting with the Yankees, he ventured into the Mariners’ realm through the Rule 5 draft before circling back to New York. His odyssey continued with a brief stint with the Tampa Bay Rays after a trade involving minor leaguer Aldenis Sanchez. Subsequently, Ford’s path took him through the Nationals, Braves, Giants, Angels, and Mariners once again before finding a temporary home with the Reds.

The Reds’ decision to bring Ford on board comes at a strategic time, as they grapple with the performance of struggling lefty designated hitter Nick Martini. With Martini being optioned, Ford’s arrival injects a fresh perspective into the lineup, offering an alternative solution to the team’s offensive woes. Additionally, the Reds may soon reconsider their options with Christian Encarnacion-Strand or Will Benson, both of whom are battling low batting averages and high strikeout rates.

Ford’s journey serves as a testament to the resilience and perseverance required to thrive in professional baseball. His story epitomizes the unpredictability of the sport, where opportunities can arise unexpectedly, even with teams that have previously let you go. As Ford steps up to the plate once again, he carries with him the hopes and dreams of a player fueled by passion and undeterred by setbacks.

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One thought on “Ex-Yankee first baseman earns MLB call-up despite setbacks

  1. You can’t help but root for Ford. He’s a smart guy (a Princeton University alumni), who’s determined to fulfill his dream of being an impactful MLB player. I, and probably all Yankee fans, wish him the very best. I’ve always checked his stats when he’s been with other teams, rooting for him to do well.

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