Breaking news: Early details of Aaron Judge’s meeting with the Giants

Aaron Judge with wife, mom, and dad.

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Yankees power hitter and now a free agent, AL MVP Aaron Judge, held a meeting with the San Francisco Giants on Tuesday. The Giants’ team included their owners too. A formal offer could be there by early next week.

According to MLB Network’s Jon Morosi:

“Now I’m told it was a day of multiple meetings. I’m told that the meetings went all the way up to the ownership level between Aaron Judge and the San Francisco Giants, so a very significant development there. There were a lot of conversations for Aaron Judge with the Giants, of course going back to his home state of California and the team he grew up following.”

“Now we know this, and I don’t have all the details of everybody that he spoke with, but when you consider the thoughtfulness of the Giants and their long history and the number of icons they’ve had over time, it would not surprise me if the Giants really organized this to consider and go back to Aaron’s emotions as a long-time fan of the franchise. And perhaps even including some of his favorite players as a kid, who might well have been able to meet with him yesterday.”

“So again I’m told it was a very productive meeting. I don’t think right now, guys, that there has been an offer made yet. But I do expect that could happen within a week, where there’s a formal offer made from the Giants to Aaron Judge. And the general pace of things, we know where the Yankees stand, we know they’ve had a conversation with him since the season ended, Aaron has a pretty good understanding of where the Yankees stand with what they’ve done with the previous offers and where things stand right now.”

“I believe that once Aaron Judge knows where at least the initial Giants offer comes in, and I do believe one is forthcoming, that there will be a fairly robust conversation to where we could see Aaron Judge signing with a team within the next two weeks, by the end of the Winter Meetings. So I think that’s kind of where we stand here, where this is not going to be a February decision. I would expect this to be a December decision and it could even happen before the end of the Winter Meetings in his home state of California.”

(Source: NJ Advanced Media and Twitter)

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