Clayton Beeter confirmed for Yankees’ Opening Day roster against Houston

Rumors suggest Clayton Beeter gets into Yankees Opening Day roster.
Sports Illustrated
Amanda Paula
Monday March 25, 2024

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Clayton Beeter’s confirmed to NY Daily News his participation in the opening day against Houston has drawn significant attention. As he readied to depart for Houston, his Texas roots were evident with a pair of cowboy boots beside his team-issued duffle bag. While Beeter hasn’t officially secured a spot on the Opening Day roster, he’s been instructed to join the team for the Houston series. He’s optimistic about his chances, citing his strong performance during spring training.

“They said I won the spot internally [but it’s] pending whatever happens in the next few days. But I guess nothing official yet. I just know I’m going to Houston.”

Clayton Beeter’s bullpen role and Yankees’ roster strategy

Rumors suggest Clayton Beeter gets into Yankees Opening Day roster.


Over the past three weeks, much discussion has centered around Gerrit Cole’s absence on opening day due to an injury. Simultaneously, the Yankees have been focusing on utilizing and managing their prospects more effectively than last year, when we witnessed the emergence of Jasson Dominguez and Austin Wells. 

On the other hand, the Yankees’ plans for this year involve maximizing the use of their academy. According to the NY POST, the Yankees are primarily considering Beeter for bullpen duties initially, aiming to leverage his strengths in shorter bursts while also grooming him as a starter for the long term. Matt Blake, the pitching coach, commended Beeter’s fastball and slider but emphasized the significance of refining his changeup to enrich his pitching repertoire.

Clayton Beeter’s journey from Double-A to Triple-A in the 2023 season showcases his progress and potential. Despite his willingness to contribute in any role, Beeter harbors aspirations of becoming a starter eventually.

Burdi and Clayton Beeter secure Yankees bullpen spots

Meanwhile, Nick Burdi and Clayton Beeter have secured their spots in the Yankees bullpen after an intense competition during camp. Burdi’s pitching skills, despite concerns about his health due to previous surgeries, earned him praise. His inclusion provides flexibility as he can be sent to the minors if needed.

Clayton Beeter’s victory in the bullpen competition over Dennis Santana, who lacked options, underscores the Yankees’ strategic roster decisions. With Santana’s opt-out option looming, the Yankees maintain flexibility in managing their pitching depth.

As the season progresses, the return of Tommy Kahnle from injury adds further complexity to bullpen dynamics. Clayton Beeter’s acquisition in 2022 highlights the Yankees’ strategic moves, aiming for long-term success while balancing immediate needs.

In summary, Burdi and Clayton Beeter’s inclusion in the Yankees’ bullpen reflects their performance in camp and strategic roster considerations. Adjustments may be necessary as the season unfolds to optimize pitching resources and organizational depth.

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