Michael Kay doubles up bet on Carlos Rodon as Yankees’ X-factor in 2024

Yankees starting pitcher Carlos Rodon is at Yankee Stadium during September 2023.
Michael Bennington
Wednesday January 31, 2024

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Carlos Rodon‘s inaugural season with the Yankees left fans puzzled. Limited by injuries to a mere 64.1 innings, he fell significantly short of expectations with a 6.85 ERA and 1.446 WHIP, a stark contrast to his substantial $162 million contract. However, after a disappointing season, could he be on the verge of redemption in the Bronx for 2024?

Michael Kay, the esteemed voice of the Yankees, seems to think so. On “Foul Territory,” he characterized Carlos Rodon’s 2023 as a “punch in the mouth,” suggesting it could serve as a powerful motivator. Sources within the organization indicate that Rodon is laser-focused during spring training, determined to erase the memory of the struggles from the previous year.

Kya backs Carlos Rodon as Yankees’ 2024 difference maker

Yankees starter Carlos Rodon is in action against the Red Sox at Fenway Park on Sept. 12, 2023.

According to Kay, the key to Carlos Rodon’s resurgence lies in rediscovering the form that captivated San Francisco in 2022. During that period, Rodon wasn’t merely a two-time All-Star; he emerged as a Cy Young contender, boasting a 14-8 record with a remarkable 2.88 ERA and setting a franchise record with 237 strikeouts. Kay argues that if Carlos Rodon can approach that level in pinstripes, he could be the crucial element in the Yankees’ pursuit of a World Series.

Expressing a similar sentiment, @TalkinYanks on Twitter asserted, “Biggest swing between World Series and not,” highlighting the belief that a revitalized Carlos Rodon could significantly impact the Yankees’ fortunes.

Yankees starter Carlos Rodon is pitching at Yankee Stadium in the 2022 season.
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His formidable fastball-slider combination, when at its best, can render hitters helpless. Coupled with the already dominant Gerrit Cole, a resurgent Carlos Rodon could form a potent one-two punch capable of intimidating any opposing lineup.

Certainly, doubts persist. Can the pitcher maintain full-season health following a year marred by injuries? Can he recapture the magic of his San Francisco days under the intense scrutiny of New York? These questions linger in the Bronx air, but one thing remains evident: 2024 might be the season when Carlos Rodon asserts that he is not a forgotten star but a burgeoning ace prepared to guide the Yankees back to the pinnacle of success.

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