Bryan Reynolds refuses to talk about his Yankees trade

Bryan Reynolds is at Dodger Stadium during a game against the LA Dodgers.

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BRADENTON, Fla. — This winter several reports linked Bryan Reynolds of Pittsburgh with the New York Yankees after he handed over a trade request to the Pirates. However, the 2021 All-Star outfielder refused to talk about it when Randy Miller of NJ Advanced media sought an interview with him on Thursday.

In December, Jason Mackey of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette broke the news that Bryan Reynolds “had sought a trade away from the Pirates and Yankees are very much interested” in him. However, a few weeks later, Jon Morosi reported that “the Yankees were facing a big obstacle in getting the 27-year-old centerfielder from Pittsburgh.”

According to Morosi, the Pirates wanted a starting pitcher for Bryan Reynolds while the Yankees could offer only position players. This, perhaps, derailed the talks for a trade.

When Miller wanted to ask Bryan Reynolds about this at LECOM Park, he was told that the outfielder was not available to talk to him. Instead, he met the Pittsburgh Pirates’ media relations director Dan Hart.

According to Miller:

“Before the game, I had to find Pirates left fielder Bryan Reynolds and ask him about the trade rumors about the Yankees. I thought that they probably wouldn’t go away until Reynolds got a new contract from Pittsburgh or a fresh start somewhere else. The switch-hitter had asked for a new team back in December.”

“I was going to ask Bryan Reynolds if it makes him feel good to know that the Yankees really like him.”

“At 11 a.m., I went to the Pirates’ clubhouse, which is outside the ballpark in foul territory behind right field.”

“When I walked in, I saw that Bryan Reynolds’ locker was empty, so I waited by the clubhouse door and talked with a Pirates TV reporter, who was the only other media person nearby.”

“At one point, Hart and his PR assistant came up to me and told me that Reynolds was in the food room. He really was right there. The food room is to the right of the clubhouse entrance, and Reynolds was sitting at a table with teammates when the door was wide open.”

“Bryan Reynolds finally walked into the clubhouse after a few minutes. Reynolds sped up and went to a back room when I walked quickly toward him.”

“When I didn’t get in, I went to a nearby PR person and asked, “Can you get Reynolds for me?” I only need him for a short time.”

I was told, “He has to do something in the trainer’s room.”

“Can I get him later?” I asked.

“The real reason Bryan Reynolds didn’t go into the clubhouse was revealed by that question. He had heard that a Yankees writer was there to talk to him.”

“The PR guy told me, “He doesn’t want to talk about what’s going on with him.”

“That was sad, but I understand his choice.”

Miller, unable to talk to Bryan Reynolds, turned to Pirates broadcaster Greg Brown, who asked the Yankees beat writer about Anthony Volpe’s progress. Miller told him that “the Yankees’ top prospect reminds him of a young Derek Jeter.” Two hours later, Volpe hit his first home run for the Yankees off the Pirates’ starter Mitch Keller.

The New York Yankees are "very much" interested in Bryan Reynolds of Pittsburgh.
The Athletic

Miller also had a brief interaction with Andrew McCutchen, an outfielder for the Pirates, and also spent about two months with the Yankees at the end of 2018. The Pirates traded McCutchen to the Giants in January 2018 for two young players, pitcher Kyle Creek, and outfielder Reynolds. At the time, it was one of the least popular trades the Pirates had made in decades, because McCutchen had been a Pirate for nine years, won an MVP award, and played in five All-Star Games.

McCutchen probably didn’t want to talk about the trade rumors about Bryan Reynolds, but he did give Miller something useful.

“I’m not worried about where Reynolds is or where he’s going,” McCutchen said. “He’s here now. I’m just getting to know him, but I’m looking forward to seeing what he’s all about. His locker is right next to mine. I know he’s a guy that goes about his business the right way. That’s what he needs to do to get himself prepared and he goes out there and does it. That’s all you can ask of somebody.

“I’ve seen what he’s done in the past. He’s a guy who can add a lot to a team. I’ve looking forward to playing alongside him this year and seeing him putting together another good season.”

The Pirates won’t let Bryan Reynolds go

A recent report from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette said that Reynolds turned down an offer of $80 million over six years and instead asked for $134 million over eight years.

Bryan Reynolds wants the $54 million difference between the Pirates’ offer and his counteroffer to be made up in a long-term deal. Maybe $128 million for seven is a good compromise.

“I (told the Pirates) that I would sign a fair deal.” Reynolds said on Feb. 15. “I don’t want it to be an unfair team deal. I don’t want either side of it to come out and be like, ‘Man, they kind of got us.’ I want it to be that both sides got some skin in it.”

Bryan Reynolds didn’t want to say anything at all about the Yankees because he didn’t mean it when he asked for a trade.

“I was frustrated,” Reynolds said on Feb 25. “I think we have a right to have those emotions, and that’s what we did. But obviously, I can’t force (the Pirates) to do anything.”

The Pirates didn’t really try to trade Bryan Reynolds because they know he wants to stay and they think they’ll be able to find a way to keep him for a long time that works for both sides. The Yankees fans may not see him after the trade deadline in the summer, or probably ever.

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