Broadcaster urges Yankees to lock up Juan Soto: ‘He needs to stay’ 

Juan Soto, player of the new york yankees
Amanda Paula
Saturday April 6, 2024

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John Sterling has been a prominent figure in MLB throughout 2024. The iconic figure has been active as a Yankees fan’s voice this season. Last Friday, John Sterling joined Branton Tierney and the former NFL player Sal Licata on Friday morning. During this appearance, and prior to calling the Yankees’ 36th home opener of the season, Sterling urged the Yankees organization to keep star player Juan Soto on the team for a longer period than initially expected.

John Sterling’s thoughts on the Yankees and Juan Soto

Although at the same days the Yankees got a 3-0 loss against the Blue Jays with Juan Soto making his debut at Yankee Stadium, Sterling said hour before that the Yankees need to pay and make sure he calls the Bronx home for the rest of his career.

“If the Yankees are really great this year and go deep in the playoffs, I don’t see how they couldn’t sign Soto,” Sterling said. “Before you say ‘Wait, that’s gonna cost a lot of money,’ the Yankees have a lot of money.

John Sterling and the player of the new york yankees Juan Soto

“If you make it here – I hate to use the cliché – but it’s a big thing if you’re a Yankee and playing right field. Babe played right field for the Yankees. Reggie played right field for the Yankees. If the Yankees are good this year, I don’t know how he could go anywhere else and achieve what you could achieve being on center stage in New York.”

Juan Soto’s impact on the Yanks has been immediate, both in the field and especially in the lineup, which Sterling says is something the Bombers have desperately needed.

“I decried the Yankees striking out, not moving runners, not hitting the ball…putting the bat on the ball is so important,” Sterling said. “We’ve seen Volpe change a lot. I think we’ll see Soto help change that. He already has.”

Is Juan Soto going to stay at Yankees?

the player of the new york yankees, juan soto

After being traded to the Yankees last December, with one year left on his contract before he hits free agency, Juan Soto has always been asked about his willingness to stay in the Bronx, and he has always shown himself to be totally in favor of doing so.

However, it’s not just a matter of Soto’s willingness. There needs to be a deal made with all involved parties. According to the latest reports, the Yankees have been pushing harder and harder to sign an extension contract with Juan Soto as soon as possible.

This is due to the fact that Juan Soto was considered the best player of the first week of the 2024 MLB season. And now, in the second week of the season, the drama around his staying or leaving the Yankees continues, since the team made a big effort during the offseason to bring him to the Bronx.

So the situation involves not just the player’s own willingness, but also the negotiations between him and the Yankees organization to extend his contract beyond the one year he has remaining.

John Sterling’s daily routine during the Earthquake

John Sterling returned to Yankees booth at Yankee Stadium on June 11, 2023, a day after a foul ball hit him in the head.

Last Friday morning, the 88-year-old broadcasting legend woke before sunrise in his comfortable Bronxville home, just a short drive from Yankee Stadium. After dressing meticulously in his signature suit, shirt, and tie, he slipped on his 2009 World Series championship ring and a vintage analog wristwatch, concealing the slight tremor that had crept into his hands in recent years. With a final glance in the mirror, he headed out to begin his ritual journey to the Bronx.

According to reports, John Sterling’s routine remained unchanged as he entered the same black town car with his regular driver, Eduardo, en route to the Bronx. As he arrived around 10:00 a.m., the bustling stadium showed no signs of the 4.2 magnitude earthquake that had struck the region two hours earlier, an event Sterling remained oblivious to as he prepared for his 37th consecutive home opener.

Unfazed by the minor seismic activity, Sterling, renowned for his distinctive baritone and eccentric home run calls, focused on the task at hand. Reflecting on his future, the 88-year-old acknowledged nearing the end of his illustrious 67-year career, though he remained uncertain about the timing of his retirement.

Despite his advanced age, Sterling approached each ballpark visit with the same enthusiasm he had in the 1960s, a career marked by five World Series wins and two perfect games. While he admitted the challenges of aging and loneliness, calling games remained the highlight of his routine.

Partnered with Suzyn Waldman for two decades on WFAN, Sterling’s pregame rituals were consistent, though he claimed to prepare “by the seat of [his] pants.” Inside the booth, he sat with a microphone and video monitor, jotting down lineups in black ink.

As game time approached, Sterling indulged in a hot dog and Mountain Dew, maintaining his stamina despite health setbacks in recent years. Scheduled for every Yankees home game, Sterling acknowledged the significance of this season, offering him more time for self-assessment.

His reduced workload was met with understanding from WFAN, recognizing Sterling’s irreplaceable connection with fans and his integral role in Yankees lore. Despite never donning pinstripes himself, Sterling’s impact on the team’s narrative is undeniable.

With the 2024 season just beginning a week prior, the John Sterling presence seemed more active than ever, as the legendary Yankees broadcaster shared his unique perspectives that were widely embraced by the team’s devoted fanbase.

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