Broadcast Banter: Ex-Yankees manager pokes fun at Gary Sanchez

Joe Giradi with Gary Sanchez in 2017.
John Allen
Thursday May 25, 2023

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Joe Girardi served as the manager of the Yankees from 2008 to 2017. During the last two years of his term, Gary Sanchez was one of the most prolific members of his team. They shared the unsuccessful but highly admired 2017 ALCS campaign that highlighted the Yankees bid to rebuild the team.

Today, while Girardi has transitioned into a broadcasting role for the Chicago Cubs, Gary Sanchez has found a place in the New York Mets roster. But it seems the ex-manager still harbors a lingering grievance toward his former catcher.

Girardi was in the commentators’ box when the New York Mets made their way to Wrigley Field on Tuesday evening.

During a lively discussion, Girardi and his broadcasting colleagues, Boog Sciambi and Jim Deshaies, delved into Gary Sanchez’s exceptional performance during his early years in the MLB under Girardi’s guidance. They marveled at Gary Sanchez’s extraordinary start, noting how he equaled the MLB record for the quickest ascent to 20 home runs, achieving this feat in remarkably few games. Additionally, they highlighted Gary Sanchez’s remarkable achievement of hitting 100 home runs in just 355 career games, ranking among the third-fastest players in history to reach that milestone.


While Deshaies had a hunch that he held some sort of speed record, he couldn’t quite pinpoint the exact accomplishment. However, Girardi was well aware of the specific category where he didn’t hold the title for being the fastest.

“Not down the base paths. I can tell you that,” Girardi said.

Following the 2017 season, Girardi faced criticism for his assessment of Gary Sanchez’s defensive skills, which some still speculate contributed to the decision by the Yankees not to extend Girardi’s contract despite their unexpectedly impressive performance that year.

Gary Sanchez declined after 2017

Nevertheless, ever since Girardi’s departure, Gary Sanchez’s performance has noticeably declined, and he has failed to live up to his previous standards.

Since the 2018 season, Gary Sanchez’s batting average has been a meager .202, accompanied by a .720 OPS. While he experienced a modest resurgence in 2019, hitting 34 home runs with a .841 OPS, his performance has since taken a significant downturn. Starting from the beginning of the 2020 season, his batting average has plummeted to .195, and his OPS stands at a mere .679.

Girardi initially assumed the managerial role for the Philadelphia Phillies at the beginning of the previous season but was relieved of his duties due to the team’s challenging start. Following his departure, the Phillies made a managerial change by appointing Rob Thomson, and under his leadership, the team experienced a remarkable turnaround, ultimately clinching the National League pennant.

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One thought on “Broadcast Banter: Ex-Yankees manager pokes fun at Gary Sanchez

  1. Girardi is a decent manager, but his management style is too tough for these current prima donnas, that’s why Cashman fired him and hired cheerleader Boone.

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