Boone repels Juan Soto analytical concerns: Ignore stats from Baseball-Reference

Yankees slugger Juan Soto
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As Opening Day looms just two months away, Yankees manager Aaron Boone remains unfazed, deftly navigating the intricacies of his overhauled lineup. A burning question on every fan’s mind revolves around the placement of the dynamic duo, Juan Soto and Aaron Judge, in the batting order.

Aaron Boone, in a recent interview, confirmed that the powerful bats of Juan Soto and Judge will indeed be paired – “one way or another,” fans can anticipate them swinging back-to-back. However, the exact batting order remains up in the air, contingent on the ever-shifting leadoff situation.

“I know in the past he has always had a preference for hitting third,” Boone said and told to ignore the stats from Baseball Reference. “I know he’s open to doing either here – second or third – so when you’re talking about that level of player and hitter, I do want him to be comfortable in the lineup. That does factor in, but – for example – if he hits second and hits second 140 times, that baseball reference page will change a lot. Whether he hits second or third. If he does it a lot, he’s going to bang.”

Aaron Boone remains steadfast on Juan Soto

Yankees slugger Juan Soto

“Maintaining a lefty-righty balance is crucial,” Aaron Boone explained, subtly suggesting a possible pairing of Judge in the third spot and Juan Soto in the second. This arrangement would uphold the rhythmic alternation of lefty-righty power throughout the lineup, a hallmark of the Yankees‘ offseason upgrades. DJ LeMahieu, riding high on his late-season resurgence, appears poised for the leadoff role, with flexibility built in for considerations like matchups, injuries, and hot streaks.

Nevertheless, murmurs persist regarding Juan Soto’s potential dip in production while batting second. Statistical trends point to a clear preference for the third spot, where Juan Soto’s career average and home run count see a noticeable surge. Brushing off these statistics that people cite from authoritative sites, such as Baseball Reference, Aaron Boone dismissed the concerns, citing Juan Soto’s past preference for hitting third. He emphasized the slugger’s flexibility and comfort as paramount, asserting that whichever spot he consistently occupies will define his dominant page in the record book.

Aaron Judge and Juan Soto of the New York Yankees

The lingering mystery of whether Judge will unleash his fury before Juan Soto’s laser swing or if the Bronx Bombers will follow in the slugger’s thunderous wake keeps the baseball world captivated and the Bronx faithful buzzing with anticipation. As the 2024 Yankees approach the completion of their potent lineup puzzle, they promise a season filled with explosive offense and a captivating dance for the coveted baseball crown.

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