Mom still coming to terms with Anthony Volpe achieving improbable Yankees goal

Mom greets Anthony Volpe after he was chosen by the Yankees to become their shortstop in 2023.
Inna Zeyger
Monday February 5, 2024

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Anthony Volpe‘s recent fan interaction event provided a heartening glimpse into the journey of an emerging star and the family supporting him. In a conversation with Instagram creator Madyson, Anthony Volpe’s mother, Isabelle, shared the surreal experience of witnessing her son embraced by fans, many proudly donning his jersey.

Expressing her feelings, Isabelle conveyed the incredible nature of the moment and the shared dream she and her husband have held for Anthony Volpe’s baseball career. “It’s so surreal, my husband and I always pinch ourselves. It’s unbelievable. It has always been our dream, it has always been Anthony’s dream.

Selected as the 30th overall pick by the Yankees in 2019, Anthony Volpe made a strong impression in the minors, showcasing both power and potential. This translated into a noteworthy rookie season, culminating in a Gold Glove award at shortstop despite initial challenges.

Mom relishes Anthony Volpe’s Yankees dream

Beyond the on-field accomplishments, Isabelle underscored the significance of humility and gratitude toward fans. Drawing on her own experiences as a dedicated Yankees fan during Derek Jeter‘s ascent, she instilled in her son the value of connecting with the supporters who play a crucial role in fueling the game.

“I remember telling him when he got drafted and when he signed,” she recounted. “Remember, Mom was one of those fanatic fans who always cheered. So always be nice to the fans because they’re cheering for you. They’re the ones who make you.”


This message deeply resonated with the young star, who actively engaged with fans during the event, signing autographs and offering words of encouragement.

Looking ahead, Anthony Volpe is eager to build on his success in 2024 as the Yankees aim to surpass their previous season’s performance and make a playoff run. With his talent, dedication, and the unwavering support of his family and fans, he is poised to play a pivotal role in their collective journey.

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