Alex Verdugo swings with one chain: Yankees implement new jewelry policy

the new york yankees player, alex verdugo

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Reportedly by CBS Sports, the Yankees have implemented restrictions on the number of chains Alex Verdugo can wear during games, following his recent acquisition. Previously recognized for his adorned appearance, including a vibrant red beard and multiple neck chains during his tenure with the Red Sox, Verdugo now faces grooming and accessory regulations upon joining the Bronx Bombers.

Alex Verdugo adjusts to Yankees’ new chain policy

the new york yankees player, alex verdugo

Thus far, the New York Yankees outfielder Alex Verdugo has found himself adapting to a new team policy this season – a limit on the number of chains he can wear during games. According to Verdugo, manager Aaron Boone has instituted a rule allowing players to wear only one chain around their necks per game.

For Alex Verdugo, who has developed a penchant for accessorizing with multiple chains over the years, this adjustment has proven challenging. “It’s kind of been hard, man. Because usually I’m used to wearing like three or four,” he admitted. The 26-year-old revealed that on road trips, he typically travels with at least six different chains in his collection.

However, amid the array of jewelry pieces Alex Verdugo has amassed, one chain holds profound personal significance. It is an intricately designed custom piece he had crafted for his mother during her battle with breast cancer. While this particular chain occupies a special place in his heart as his favorite, Verdugo is cautious about wearing it too frequently to prevent potential damage.

In a heartening update, Alex Verdugo shared the positive news that his mother is now cancer-free after undergoing treatment. With her health journey progressing favorably, he plans to gift her the meaningful chain upon the completion of her treatment as a symbol of their shared triumph.

This recent directive from the Yankees’ organization highlights the team’s longstanding emphasis on player appearance and adherence to specific grooming standards. The franchise’s well-known policy on facial hair, which permits only mustaches, has been a topic of discussion for years. While some athletes have voiced concerns that such strict policies could influence their decision to join the team, the majority of players have complied without overt protest.

Alex Verdugo’s experience with the new chain restriction suggests that the Yankees are now extending their regulations beyond facial hair, venturing into the realm of player accessories as well. This move aligns with the team’s broader commitment to maintaining a polished and professional image on and off the field.

As Verdugo navigates this adjustment period, trading in his penchant for multiple chains for a more minimalist approach, the conversations surrounding player expression and team policies are reignited. The balance between individual styles and organizational standards remains an ongoing dialogue in professional sports.

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