Aaron Judge’s potential list of suitors widens, Rangers latest to join the fray

Aaron Judge at Yankee Stadium
Sara Molnick
Tuesday November 1, 2022

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According to The Athletic, the new managerial team of the Rangers is expected to spend big and this could result in Texas pursuing Aaron Judge. The Rangers just hired Bruce Bochy on Friday as their new manager, and the former Giants manager is determined to win soon.

At the end of the 2022 season, Aaron Judge created a new AL homer record at Globe Life Field. As per available reports, the San Francisco Giants are the most potential suitors for the slugger and are next to the Yankees to sign him. The LA Dodgers are also interested in the power hitter while many link Aaron Judge to the Red Sox, the Mets, and the Angels.

Will the Rangers be able to land the power hitter in Texas? Aaron Judge has hinted more than once that the New York Yankees are his first preference. But he didn’t accept a $230.5 million offer, which would have extended his contract by eight years, by the team before the first game of the 2022 season and has become a free agent. Now, after a season in which Judge could have won the MVP award, he could become the highest-paid position player in the game.

But financial aspects of a contract may entice Aaron Judge to Texas. The Rangers are very young and have a lot of money. Even though Corey Seager at shortstop and Marcus Semien at second base both have long-term contracts with big salaries, RosterResource.com points out that the Rangers’ total payroll for 2023 is only $113 million. Only six players are signed up to play for the Rangers. The rest are controlled by the team and are either up for some kind of arbitration or are in the process of being up for arbitration.

Aaron Judge isn’t a pitcher, who is a top priority for the Rangers. Texas will go after starting pitchers like All-Star Carlos Rodón of the San Francisco Giants. But Bruce Bochy‘s all-out push to win may lead to an effort to land Aaron Judge.

Ray Davis, who owns the Rangers, wants Texas to do well and he can’t ignore a request by his new coach to bid for the Yankees’ slugger. Davis told:

“It’s interesting to note that the two highest payroll teams in baseball didn’t play this weekend. So it’s just not about the money. It’s partially that, but I’ve made a commitment to (Rangers general manager Chris Young) that we’re going to spend the money that it takes to put a competitive team on the field. And it’s not just for one year. We’re looking to put a competitive team on the field for multiple years. So to answer your question, I don’t know where the payroll is gonna end up. But we’ll be competitive.”

The competition for Aaron Judge will be big. But the Rangers could afford it while signing top-notch starters.

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