Aaron Judge’s post-game speech rallies Yankees for playoff push

Yankees' star Aaron Judge shines bright in the game 2 against the Baltimore Orioles, on Saturday night - July 29, 2023.

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After an exhilarating victory against the Orioles, the star outfielder of the New York Yankees, Aaron Judge, addressed the media about their playoff chances. With unwavering confidence, Judge expressed that the Yankees were still very much in the running for the postseason.

According to Judge, “Counting us out” would be a big mistake. His eyes glimmered with determination as he continued, “We’ll keep showing up day after day, doing our job”. His words exuded a genuine belief in the team’s potential to succeed.

During the intense two-game series against the Orioles, Judge showcased why he is a linchpin for the Yankees. Demonstrating a remarkable improvement in his performance, it was evident that he was back on track after recovering from his injury.

Aaron Judge during the Game 2 between the New York Yankees vs. Orioles, on Saturday Night, July 29, 2023.

In the previous Friday’s game, Judge put on an impressive display, notching 1 at-bat, 3 walks, and a batting average of .290. The very next day, he continued to impress, smashing a powerful home run, tallying 3 hits, 2 RBIs, and boasting a batting average of .298.

What’s next for the Yankees?

Aaron Judge in action for the Yankees on July 29.
New York Yankees

The return of Aaron Judge from the Injured List was a pivotal moment for the Yankees. However, the decision to rest him for games to safeguard his long-term health was a matter that required careful deliberation. Judge shared his thoughts on the subject, emphasizing that it would be a collective discussion within the team to devise a suitable schedule that balances his playing time and recovery needs.

As the trade deadline loomed, questions arose about potential roster changes that the Yankees might undertake. Judge was quick to point out that such decisions were beyond the players’ control. 

Nonetheless, he expressed unwavering faith in the current roster, affirming that the team possesses the necessary talent and tenacity to compete at the highest level.

Aaron Judge’s comeback earns praise from Yankees’ staff

Aaron Judge in action against the Orioles.

Yankees manager Aaron Boone also recognized the importance of managing Aaron Judge’s playing time with caution. Despite his eagerness to have Judge on the field every day, Boone acknowledged the need to be prudent, given the extended period of inactivity due to the injury.

Even players from opposing teams couldn’t help but sing Judge’s praises. Isiah Kiner-Falefa, in particular, lauded him, saying, “He’s the best player in the world. He’s the captain for a reason,” acknowledging Judge’s extraordinary skills and leadership on the field.

With Aaron Judge’s resurgence and inspiring leadership, the Yankees are reinvigorated and prepared to face any challenges that come their way. The path to the playoffs won’t be without hurdles, but Judge’s unwavering commitment and the team’s collective determination make for an electrifying prospect. As the season progresses, baseball enthusiasts can eagerly anticipate a thrilling race to the playoffs, with the Yankees relying on their stellar player to lead the charge.

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2 thoughts on “Aaron Judge’s post-game speech rallies Yankees for playoff push

  1. Turn him loose! He knows his body better than anyone! By the way without him the Yanks are a 5th place team, not the title contender they are with him everyday.
    Babe Ruth ate hot dogs, The Mick drank the night before games, Judge can motivate with a hurt toe!!!

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