Aaron Judge’s 62nd HR ball to fetch 25 times more than Albert Pujols’ 700th homer ball

Judge vs Pujol: 62nd HR ball vs. 700th HR ball

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The 62nd HR ball of Aaron Judge could fetch anywhere above $2.5 million. Even a $5 million prize on it can’t be ruled out. The estimated value of Judge’s 62nd home run ball, according to memorabilia expert Brandon Steiner, far exceeds the expected price of Albert Pujols’ 700th homer ball.

Aaron Judge and Albert Pujols are making history this season for home runs. While the New York slugger is chasing the AL single-season record of Roger Maris, the Cardinals’ star has become the fourth MLB player to hit 700 career home runs. Pujols got his 700th homer on September 23. Five days later, Judge hit his 61st home run.

With his 62nd HR, Judge is attempting to become the new American League record holder for most home runs in a season. Pujols started his career in St. Louis before moving to the LA Angels. He was with both teams for 10 seasons each. In 2022, he returned to play for the Cardinals.

However, the projected value of Judge’s 62nd HR ball commands a much better price than the historic 700th one hit by Pujols.

Brandon Steiner, founder and CEO of CollectibleXchange and The Steiner Agency, told earlier this week that Judge’s 62nd HR ball will be worth at least $2.5 million. He thinks that Pujols’ 700th won’t even make it to the six-figure mark.

According to him:

“It seems like a good ball to me. Someone in St. Louis might be more excited about that than most people in the rest of the country… My best guess is that it’s a $100,000 ball.”

Steiner pointed out that the differences are caused by many things. Pujols plays in small markets like St. Louis, which “doesn’t have the same pizzazz.” Even though he’ll probably go into the Hall of Fame as a Cardinal, he “bounced around” and spent 10 seasons with the Los Angeles Angels. He also played for the Dodgers for part of the season last year.

The founder of Steiner Sports Memorabilia explained:

“If he was at St. Louis his whole career, and have the momentum of having this great career, but his last years have not been great for him, and he’s lost some of his swagger. Except in St. Louis, he’s a god. He’s won them World Series, but he’s lost a little bit of swagger nationally. It’s gonna take a little bit of something to amp him up. St. Louis in the playoffs, something gets him in the amped up and it’s another ball game. I just don’t see that ball going for a ton.”

As for Judge, he is likely to win the MVP award while playing for the New York Yankees. This automatically makes the ball he hits for the record home run worth more. The memorabilia expert told:

“Everybody’s all hyped up here in New York. It’s gotten national news, and that always brings people in. What amps up the price of a Judge ball is not only the insanity and the depth of a Yankee (fan) base, but the fact that the publicity that gets around from a great Yankee moment is huge, given the dollar amount. That’s what makes the Yankee balls and these moments so much bigger than similar balls that might happen in other parts of the country.”

Judge is set to become a free agent this offseason, and his time with the Yankees may be over. Steiner, on the other hand, says it’s hard to say how Judge’s move to a new team will affect the value of the ball.

Steiner also thinks that Pujols’ last home run, if he hits more than 700, could be worth more. But no matter what number Judge gets to unless he beats Barry Bonds’ 73 hits in 2001, the 62nd HR ball is an attraction because it is the magic number. His chase many baseball fans think of as the real record since all others came during the infamous steroid era.

The fan who caught McGwire’s 62nd HR ball gave it back to McGwire for free, missing out on an estimated $1 million. But the ball from his 70th home run that season was sold for more than $3 million. Steiner said that McGwire’s use of PEDs has made it worth about $200,000 now.

Judge’s 60th home run ball was caught by a college student on Tuesday night. He gave it back to Judge in exchange for a bat and ball signed by the slugger. His three friends also got balls signed by the Yankees slugger. They also met him and took a picture with him.

But Steiner is telling anyone who catches the 62nd HR ball or higher ones should avoid making the same mistake. He advised:

“All I can do is hope that whoever gets it calls Brandon Steiner. I hope someone is smart enough to get that ball, get the hell out of that stadium, and call me. A lot is riding on that. It’s a shame, because it’s a big money game, and you need to stay calm, keep the ball, and get the hell out of the stadium.”

Judge will try to tie and break the record Thursday night at Yankee Stadium when he plays the Baltimore Orioles. And the person who will catch his 62nd HR ball will amass a fortune exceeding $2.5 million.

How much do you value Aaron Judge’s 62nd HR ball?

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