Aaron Judge reveals how his dad ‘flipped’ his baseball allegiance after relocation

Aaron Judge signing autographs for his fans in New York during a public event.

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The 2022 offseason witnessed a high-pitched battle between the New York Yankees and the San Francisco Giants to sign Aaron Judge. At that time, it was widely believed that the location of his parent’s house close to the Bay Area was a factor in pushing him toward the Giants.

Although Aaron Judge now resides in New York, he still holds a special place in his heart for his home state on the West Coast and occasionally plays there. Despite his recent series in California not turning out as expected, he still considers it his true home. It’s worth noting that his family also resides there, and the slugger recently shared an unexpected and intriguing revelation about them.

However, Aaron Judge remained true to his allegiance to the Yankees and committed to staying in New York for a  9-year, $360 million contract. His performance with the Yankees has been exceptional, earning him the prestigious title of the 16th captain in the team’s history. Even his father’s loyalty to the Giants failed to sway his decision. However, there was an interesting story about how his dad switched his allegiance to San Francisco and it was revealed by the AL MVP himself.

Aaron Judge on his dad becoming a Giants fan

Similar to the intense rivalry between the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox, the Los Angeles Dodgers share a longstanding and significant rivalry with the San Francisco Giants. Unfortunately for the Dodgers, the latest series held at Dodger Stadium proved to be disastrous for them. The home team suffered a crushing defeat in the first game, which was embarrassing for their fans. There was hope for a better outcome on the second day, but it turned out to be even worse as the Dodgers were completely shut out.

Interestingly, Aaron Judge’s father, who was previously a fan of the Los Angeles team, now supports the San Francisco Giants. It appears to be a wise decision on his part. During an interview with Mookie Betts from the Dodgers, the Yankees captain revealed his father’s preferred team and shed light on the reasons behind his choice.

Aaron Judge celebrates 62nd home run with his family.
N.Y. Post: Charles Wenzelberg

Aaron Judge shared that his father grew up in Southern California and thoroughly enjoyed visiting Dodger Stadium and reliving the memories from his youth. According to him, during his father’s upbringing, he attended numerous Dodger games and even managed to enter the stadium without proper authorization on occasions.

However, circumstances changed over time. Aaron Judge disclosed that when his father relocated to Northern California, something astonishing occurred. Without warning, he swiftly transitioned into a dedicated San Francisco Giants fan, leaving the outfielder in disbelief.

“Once he moved up to Northern California, he flipped to a Giants fan quick. I couldn’t believe it.”

Nevertheless, his father continues to find joy in supporting the Giants. Reflecting on this, Aaron Judge remarked how it would have been a remarkable and symbolic turn of events if he had eventually played for the Giants, completing a full-circle moment.

Aaron Judge free agency created anxious moments

In 2022, Yankee fans experienced a year filled with unexpected twists. One major event was Aaron Judge’s free agency, during which fans fervently hoped for him to remain with the team in the Bronx. However, due to prolonged contract negotiations, Aaron Judge also entertained offers from other teams. Alongside the San Diego Padres, the Giants emerged as top contenders for a potential move.

In an intriguing turn of events, journalist Jon Heyman mistakenly reported that Aaron Judge was on his way to San Francisco when, in reality, he was not. This misinformation created a buzz in the baseball world, leading to a whirlwind of excitement for approximately 10 minutes. Eventually, Heyman acknowledged his error and issued an apology, bringing an end to what was undoubtedly a wild and eventful period.

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