Aaron Judge names his ideal Yankees lift-mate if stuck between floors

Aaron Judge with a few friends at All Rise Foundation event 2024

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Imagine you’re stuck in an elevator. Now, picture being stuck with someone you trust and admire. That’s precisely the sentiment Aaron Judge conveyed when asked about his hypothetical lift mate from the Yankees. In a scenario where camaraderie meets crisis, Judge’s choice speaks volumes about his bonds with his teammates and the lighter side of being part of a high-pressure sports environment.

Aaron Judge’s surprise trust in DJ

When the towering Yankees slugger was asked about his go-to elevator companion, he didn’t hesitate to name DJ LeMahieu. This choice isn’t just about picking a teammate; it’s about selecting someone who embodies calmness and reliability, qualities DJ carries effortlessly on and off the field. Aaron Judge’s pick highlights the strong sense of trust and respect among the Yankees, showcasing a team dynamic built on more than just athletic prowess.

LeMahieu with Yankees manager Aaron Boone.

Meanwhile, Anthony Rizzo brought humor into the mix, choosing Judge himself as his ideal lift mate, but with a witty twist: “Aaron Judge because they would come for him real quick.” This playful banter between teammates not only lightens the mood but also shows the genuine camaraderie and mutual respect that underpins their relationships. These moments of levity are essential, creating bonds that translate into better teamwork on the field.

A new hitting coach and fresh optimism

Switching gears to their professional perspectives, both Aaron Judge and LeMahieu have been vocal about their appreciation for James Rowson, the Yankees’ new hitting coach. Their positive feedback goes beyond mere politeness; it reflects a genuine endorsement of Rowson’s approach and philosophy. Embracing a new coach can be a pivotal moment for players, and the duo’s openness to Rowson’s methods signals a readiness to evolve and adapt, hallmarks of great athletes.

the hitting coach of the new york yankees, James Rowson and Aaron Judge
The Athletic

Rowson’s strategy, focusing on communication and individual player development, seems to have struck the right chord with the Yankees. This mutual respect and willingness to embrace new ideas not only bode well for the players’ growth but also inject fresh energy and optimism into the team’s dynamic. What do you think? Leave your comment below!

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