Aaron Boone stands by Yankees’ Infield defense despite setbacks

Aaron Boone, manager of the new york yankees
Amanda Paula
Tuesday April 16, 2024

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In a recent interview with ‘Talkin’ Yanks,’ Yankees manager Aaron Boone acknowledged the defensive struggles, while also expressing confidence in his team’s overall defensive capabilities. Boone stated that the Yankees’ infield defense ranks among the top five in the league, but he emphasized the need for improvement to address the early-season errors.

What’s happening?

Aaron Boone and Will Warren during an spring training game.

The Yankees’ infield consists of Anthony Rizzo at first base, Gleyber Torres at second, Oswaldo Cabrera at third, and Anthony Volpe at shortstop. While each player brings talent and experience to the field, they have collectively committed multiple errors, creating challenging situations for the team.

Anthony Rizzo, Gleyber Torres, and Cabrera have all recorded multiple errors, highlighting the need for defensive refinement as the season progresses. The absence of key players like DJ LeMahieu and Oswald Peraza due to injuries has further exacerbated the team’s defensive woes.

The Yankees‘ offseason strategy focused on bolstering their outfield with the additions of Juan Soto and Trent Grisham, but the infield remained largely unchanged. This decision was based on the team’s confidence in the leadership and abilities of veterans like Rizzo and Torres.

With injured players like DJ LeMahieu and Peraza poised to return from their injuries, their presence promises to bolster the infield lineup with much-needed stability and depth. Boone specifically confirmed that LeMahieu would begin a rehab game this weekend. The team’s capacity to address defensive weaknesses will be pivotal as they navigate the season’s challenges and strive to retain their divisional lead.

Looking ahead, the Yankees must prioritize defensive drills and strategies to mitigate errors and capitalize on opportunities. Improvement in infield defense will be pivotal in determining the team’s success as the season unfolds.

In conclusion, the New York Yankees’ infield defense has emerged as a point of concern amidst their impressive early-season performance. While manager Aaron Boone remains confident in his team’s defensive capabilities, the need for tangible improvements on the field is evident. With injured players expected to return and a renewed focus on defensive fundamentals, the Yankees have the opportunity to address their infield dilemma and solidify their position as championship contenders.

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One thought on “Aaron Boone stands by Yankees’ Infield defense despite setbacks

  1. Torres already cost the Yankees a possible sweep of the Marlins by chocking on fielding a ball cleanly with the infield in.

    They would have had the runner at home if he’d fielded the ball cleanly; but as happens all-too-often in Torres’ career, he lost concentration about fielding the ball & was already thinking about the throw to home.

    Then, again, in the 2nd game against the Blue Jays with a runner on 3rd, Torres lost focus & allowed a throw to 2nd on an attempted steal to get by him. Yet again! Torres lost focus on the fact that the most important thing was to Hold On to the Throw, so the runner on 3rd couldn’t score, which he did, because Torres wasn’t mindful of the situation on the field, as usual!

    Geez, these are Little League mistakes by Torres, who’s supposed to be an MLB player! And it’s NOT like this is something new with Torres; he’s been making these STUPID mistakes for his entire career, in the field & on the bases. And it goes on & on, unchecked, because Boone doesn’t hold his players Accountable for Stupid Plays; instead, he defends their stupidity calling it “aggressive” play. Stupid is not Aggressive, Boone, it’s just Stupid!

    Cabrera also deserves abuse for costing the Yankees a run & an out by NOT applying a Forceful Tag to a runner coming into 3rd on a play where Torres actually did the smart thing (for a change!) & tried to get the lead runner at 3rd. Torres did his job, Cabrera didn’t.

    Cabrera did an Oh-Lay tag, as if he was a bullfighter, instead of a third basemen. I had to fill-in at 3rd one year (from CF), and on any close play, I fell on the runner With the Ball so he could NEVER reach 3rd. Had Cabrera done that, it might have killed a Jay’s rally before it started.

    These sort of Little League errors are unforgivable to everyone, except Boone, who invariable defends Stupid defensive plays & Stupid base-running mistakes, which just Guarantees those stupid mistakes will be repeated over & over again.

    Your title is MANAGER, Boone, not DEFENSE ATTORNEY. How about Actually Managing how your players conduct themselves on the field for a change? Stop with the knee-jerk defense of any & all mistakes by your players & let them know that what they did was BAD baseball.

    As an aside, the reason Torres isn’t hitting like he did in the spring is because he’s gone back to swinging for the fences, instead of focusing on hitting for singles & doubles, and just letting the HRs come when they may. This is the same Dumb hitting approach he used for much of 2023.

    Bottom line: Torres NEVER learns from his mistakes because he just keeps making the same Mindlessly Stupid mistakes at bat, in the field, and on the bases, year after year, after year, which is why I wanted the Yankees to trade him two seasons ago for Pablo López & trade him this past off season for pretty much anybody!

    Speaking of Stupidity, in the 2nd game against the Jays, why did Boonehead NOT pinch hit for the weak hitting Trevino, against a righty, with a runner on 3rd & the go-ahead run on 2nd, with 1 out in the 9th? That was Indefensibly Stupid. You left a righty batter, who’s barely hitting over .200, in the game to “hit” with the game on the line, really?! How Stupid are you, Boone? Or did you have money on the Jays’ Tuesday night? Because that’s how Dumb that non-move was, idiot!

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