Aaron Boone gets 7th ejection a day after umpire yelled at him

Yankees manager reacts to his ejection on September 20, 2023, at Yankee Stadium.
John Allen
Thursday September 21, 2023

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The New York Yankees are just finishing the season. But Aaron Boone’s determination and enthusiasm are still as strong as they were in the middle of the season.

During Wednesday night’s game, the Yankees manager got thrown out of the game during the second inning. This happened when a close call didn’t go Oswald Peraza’s way, and the home-plate umpire, Lance Barrett, had reached his limit with Aaron Boone’s complaints.

Aaron Boone’s record ejection

Barrett ejected Aaron Boone, and a nearby microphone captured some of the angry outbursts of the Yankees manager that followed.

Aaron Boone could be heard bursting out to Barrett during the Yankees’ 6-1 loss to the Blue Jays on Wednesday night in The Bronx that he has the biggest zone in the league, and he must be aware of it as well.

Following about a minute of one-sided arguing, Aaron Boone exited the field, and the crowd greeted his departure with applause.

Before the umpire’s strike call against Peraza, he had been complaining.

Both of the hitters before—first Anthony Volpe and then Oswaldo Cabrera—refrained from swinging at pitches that seemed to be below the strike zone, but the umpire still called them strikes.

This was the seventh occasion this season that the Yankees’ manager got ejected from a game. This puts Aaron Boone ahead of Oakland’s Mark Kotsay for the most ejections in the American League and ties him with Cincinnati’s David Bell for the most ejections in all of Major League Baseball.

“I know you have the biggest zone in the league,” Boone was heard saying. “You must f–king know it, too.”

Ejection followed another day of wrangling

Aaron Boone was responsible for one of the few noteworthy moments during the Yankees’ 7-1 defeat to the Blue Jays on Tuesday. The manager gave an astonished expression when home plate umpire Bill Miller shouted toward the Yankees’ dugout in the third inning in The Bronx.

Miller raised his voice, frustrated that nobody from the dugout had said anything.

The YES cameras then flashed to Aaron Boone, chomping on sunflower seeds, who seemed to roll his eyes in disbelief and said something that could not be made out.

YES announcer Michael Kay chuckled as he commented, “Oh, Bill Miller hopes somebody didn’t say something. Look at that look!” 

The exchange between Miller and Aaron Boone occurred during the third inning of a tied game, with the score at 1-1. This happened right after a 1-0 pitch to Kevin Kiermaier, which, according to MLB.com’s zone, appeared to be outside of the strike zone.

The Yankees probably disagreed with Miller’s strike zone, but Miller wasn’t willing to accept their complaints. He removed his mask and shouted toward the Yankees’ dugout, pointing his right hand and mask in Aaron Boone’s direction as he asserted his authority.

The Yankees had more problems with Miller in the fifth inning. At that point, starting pitcher Clarke Schmidt believed he had struck out George Springer to close out the fifth inning, with the Blue Jays leading 2-1.

Instead of calling it a strike, Miller declared it was a ball, and as a result, Schmidt went on to give up a two-run home run that significantly affected the course of the game. Schmidt, the starting pitcher, ended up conceding four runs in five innings, leading to his defeat.

Aaron Boone, or whoever motivated Miller to get fired up, displayed more determination than the Yankees did in a game they lost. This loss has pushed the Yankees seven games behind in the wild-card race, and there are only 11 games left in the season.

The Yankees managed to get six hits and had three opportunities to bat with runners in scoring position during the game.

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