9 greatest Yankees postseason victories fans cherish

New York Yankees have the best postseason history.
Michael Bennington
Wednesday November 9, 2022

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With 27 World Series titles, 40 AL pennants, and 9 wild card berths, the New York Yankees have the most chequered postseason history. Their fans are proud of the best history, the best traditions, and the highest hopes playoffs showcase. Indeed, in the history of the Yankees’ postseason, there have been some amazing, epic October moments. Here are the nine best Yankees postseason wins that every New York City baseball fan should know.

1952 World Series Game 7

  • Day: October 7, 1952
  • Known for: Mickey Mantle’s late RBI helped the Yankees win the title
  • Place: Ebbets Field
  • Result: Yankees 4-2 Brooklyn Dodgers

Mickey Mantle’s game-winning home run and RBI single helped the Yankees win their fourth straight World Series. At Ebbets Field, Billy Martin also made a great catch on a shoestring that helped them push for their win against the Brooklyn Dodgers for the second year in a row.

1956 World Series Game 5

Game 5 of the 1956 World Series between the Brooklyn Dodgers and the Yankees witnessed Don Larsen pitching a perfect game. This time, the Yankees got back at their neighbors to the southeast by keeping them off the scoreboard in Games 5 and 7.

The 27-year-old pitcher was a big reason why Game 5 was a shutout. His weird “no-windup” pitching style kept the Dodgers confused throughout the game and the result was “the first and only perfect game ever in MLB postseason.” This is the best moment of all time because this amazing pitch was made in the Fall Classic and there is no match to this to date.

1958 World Series Game 7

  • Day: October 9, 1958
  • Known for: Moose Skowron’s blast got the title revenge
  • Place: Milwaukee County Stadium
  • Result: Yankees 6 – 2 Milwaukee Braves

The Yankees lost to Milwaukee in seven games the year before. Then in the 1958 World Series, they lost the first three games and were on the throes of exit. However, they went on to win the next three games to come back and tie the series. Game 7, the deciding one, saw Moose Skowron blasting a three-run homer in the eighth inning that gave the Yankees the title win.

1962 World Series Game 7

  • Day: October 16, 1962
  • Known for: Bobby’s catch and Terry’s Giants killing
  • Place: Candlestick Park
  • Result: Yankees 1 – 0 San Francisco Giants

Bobby Richardson saved the day, the game, and the title for the Yankees with a stunning catch of Willie McCovey’s hit, which looked like it was going to the outfield and giving the Giants the win. However, Richardson was in the perfect spot to make the catch and give the Bronx Bombers yet another world championship. The best thing about this classic game was that Ralph Terry pitched a four-hit, complete-game shutout, which made him famous.

1977 World Series Game 6

  • Day: October 18, 1977
  • Known for: Reggie Jackson’s three-run homer
  • Place: Yankee Stadium
  • Result: Yankees 8 – 4 Los Angeles Dodgers

Reggie Jackson blasted three home runs in Game 6 of the 1977 World Series, all on the first pitch, to help the Yankees capture their first championship in 15 years. Many baby-boomer Yankee fans regard this as one of their all-time favorites. It’s hard to believe that one man was able to step up on the biggest stage of all and hit home runs on the first pitch of each at-bat.

1996 World Series Game 4

  • Day: October 23, 1996
  • Known for: The greatest Yankees postseason comeback
  • Place: Atlanta–Fulton County Stadium
  • Result: Yankees 8 – 6 Atlanta Braves (10 innings)

The Yankees’ backup catcher Jim Leyritz hit one of the most famous home runs in World Series history. When Leyritz hit a home run, everyone in the stadium was shocked. But this lifted the Yankees’ morale and turned the 1996 World Series on its head. The Yankees tied the series 2-2 and went on to win the next two games, giving them a memorable win over Atlanta.

2001 World Series Game 4

  • Day: October 31, 2001
  • Known for: Mr. November’s 10th-inning homer that shook stands
  • Place: Yankee Stadium
  • Result: Yankees 4 – 3 Arizona Diamondbacks (10 innings)

It was among the best-ever World Series games the Yankees played though they didn’t win that series. Anyone who watched the game knows what it was like to get goosebumps during some of the most magical and special times in Yankee playoff history. First, Tino Martinez hit a two-run home run off Byung-Hyun Kim in the bottom of the ninth inning to tie the game. Then, Derek Jeter hit an amazing shot to the opposite field to win the game. People on the bleachers on that day still remember how the original Yankee Stadium actually shook at that moment.

2003 ALCS Game 7

  • Day: October 16, 2003
  • Known for: Aaron Boone’s unlikely heroics
  • Place: Yankee Stadium
  • Result: Yankees 6 – 5 Boston Red Sox (11 innings)

One of the best games in baseball history ended with a home run by a player no one expected to become a hero. Aaron Boone was traded to the Yankees at the end of the 2003 season. In the 11th inning of a tied game between the Yankees and the Red Sox, Boone came up to bat.

Then, in a famous swing, Boone hit Tim Wakefield’s first pitch hard and far into the darkness. This put the Yankees in the 2003 World Series.

2012 ALDS Game 3

  • Day: October 10, 2012
  • Known for: Raul Ibanez’s two masterstrokes
  • Place: Yankee Stadium
  • Result: Yankees 3 – 2 Baltimore Orioles (12 innings)

In the late innings of Game 3 of the American League Division Series, when the Yankees had their backs against the wall twice, Raul Ibanez hit two home runs deep to right field. This was an improbable and amazing offensive performance by one player.

Ibanez replaced Alex Rodriguez in a pinch-hitter role in the ninth inning, which was one of the bravest moves a manager has ever made in the postseason. Ibanez repaid manager Joe Girardi’s trust by hitting two home runs in a row, which made the crowd at Yankee Stadium go crazy.

Let’s know if you have any other postseason games to add to the list.

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