Yankees vs. Red Sox: A series to reclaim victory

Yankees vs Red sox

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As the 2023 MLB season barrels towards its conclusion, the baseball world’s attention turns to the historic showdown between the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox. It’s a rivalry that has defined generations, a rivalry etched in the annals of baseball history, and this 4-game series at Fenway Park promises to be nothing short of electrifying. With playoff aspirations on the line and a battle for divisional supremacy raging, the stage is set for a dramatic collision of titans.

Yankees’ recent struggles and the Red Sox dominance

The Yankees enter this series on the back of a tough stretch, having lost the first series they played in two weeks. Their struggles were glaringly apparent, with both their hitting and pitching failing to deliver. Over the three-game series against Milwaukee, New York managed just 10 hits while conceding a whopping 23 runs. The Brewers’ batters feasted on the Yankees’ bullpen, accounting for 19 of their 33 hits in the series from the seventh inning onwards. However, the Yankees managed to avoid a complete sweep with a series-ending win, offering a glimmer of hope.

In the 2023 season, the Yankees have found themselves at the receiving end of the Red Sox’s dominance, with a paltry 1-8 record. Their offensive woes are evident, with a .195 batting average, .253 on-base percentage, and .338 slugging percentage over nine games. In stark contrast, the Red Sox have been an offensive juggernaut against their arch-rivals, outscoring the Yankees by 28 runs with a stellar .294 batting average, .357 on-base percentage, .487 slugging percentage, and .845 OPS.

The challenge of Fenway Park

For the Yankees, Fenway Park has often been a house of horrors. Their road record against the Red Sox in recent times stands at 5-7 since 2022, highlighting the challenges they face when visiting their AL East rivals. Their batting average drops to .230, with a .302 on-base percentage and a .391 slugging percentage, while their pitching staff posts a 5.23 ERA and a 1.37 WHIP. Overcoming these hurdles at Fenway Park is a daunting task, and the Yankees will need to find their A-game.

Strengths and weaknesses

The Yankees’ strength in 2023 lies in their pitching, ranking third in the league with a .233 batting average against (BAA) and a respectable 3.99 ERA, which ranks them tenth in the majors. However, their Achilles’ heel has been their offense, averaging just 4.2 runs per game (23rd in MLB). With a .225 batting average (29th) and a .302 on-base percentage (26th), they’ve struggled to generate consistent run support despite being the fifth-highest home run-producing team with 203 homers.

In contrast, the Red Sox have thrived offensively, boasting a .264 batting average (3rd), .329 on-base percentage (7th), .437 slugging percentage (6th), and a .766 OPS (7th). Their lineup averages an impressive 9.1 hits per game (3rd). However, their pitching has been less reliable, evidenced by a 4.62 ERA (22nd) and a .260 opposing batting average (25th). This provides the Yankees with a window of opportunity to exploit Boston’s pitching vulnerabilities during the series.

Home vs. away records

At Fenway Park, the Red Sox have managed to maintain a winning home record despite their recent struggles, sitting at 37-35 with a team ERA of 4.38 (ranking 18th). On the flip side, the Yankees have faced road woes, holding a 32-36 record away from home with a 4.08 ERA (ranking 11th) and an anemic .228 batting average (ranking 29th).

Playoff implications

As the Yankees continue to chase the Red Sox in the AL East, this series carries immense significance. A successful outing would bolster New York’s postseason aspirations, especially with a showdown against another AL East Wild Card contender, the Toronto Blue Jays (currently in the second spot among Wild Card teams), and a series against the Pittsburgh Pirates (66-77) following this road trip. Every win down the stretch becomes crucial in their quest for a playoff berth.

Several compelling factors make this series even more captivating:

1. Seeking Revenge: After being swept by the Red Sox at Yankee Stadium, the Yankees have a prime opportunity to turn the tables and secure a series win, or even a counter-sweep, at Fenway Park.

2. Red Sox’s Post-Yankees Struggles: Following their series against the Yankees, the Red Sox haven’t enjoyed much success, winning just one series while losing four and splitting one. In contrast, the Yankees have maintained a balanced record, with three wins and three losses during the same span.

3. Recent Records: The Yankees have posted a commendable 12-8 record since their last encounter with the Red Sox, while Boston has struggled with an 8-12 record in the same timeframe.

4. Recent Form: In their last 10 games, the Yankees hold a 6-4 record, outperforming the Red Sox’s 4-6 record during that stretch.

5. The Stakes: The Yankees can ill-afford another losing skid, considering the limited games left in the season and the looming threat of their first losing season since 1992.

Former Yankees Captain Derek Jeter aptly summed up the mindset the team should adopt: “Win. It’s that simple.” The Yankees are far from being eliminated, and taking it one game at a time becomes imperative in their quest for a postseason berth.

However, both teams have had to grapple with injuries that have significantly impacted their roster depth. The Yankees have had to cope with the season-ending losses of key players like RHP Luis Severino and the promising switch-hitting prospect Jasson Dominguez due to injuries, while the Red Sox have also seen important players sidelined, including outfielder Jarren Duran (surgery on a tendon in his left big toe) and left-handed pitcher James Paxton (right knee inflammation).

Pitching matchups

Now, let’s delve into the starting pitchers announced for each game in this pivotal series:

Game 1 (September 8, 2023, 7:10 PM ET):

  • Yankees: Clarke Schmidt
  • Red Sox: Kutter Crawford

Game 2 (September 12, 2023, 7:10 PM ET):

  • Yankees: Carlos Rodón
  • Red Sox: Nick Pivetta

Game 3 (September 13, 2023, 7:10 PM ET):

  • Yankees: TBD
  • Red Sox: Tanner Houck

Game 4 (September 14, 2023, 7:15 PM ET):

  • Yankees: Michael King
  • Red Sox: TBD

Both teams face distinct challenges and opportunities in each of these matchups. The outcome of the series may heavily depend on how the starting pitchers perform.

New York Yankees Players:

  • Aaron Judge: With a .206 batting average in 40 career road games against the Red Sox, Judge will aim to improve his performance. In his last 10 games against the Red Sox this season, he has a .167 batting average.
  • Giancarlo Stanton: Stanton boasts a .325 batting average in 32 career road games against the Red Sox. However, in his last 10 games against Boston this season, he has struggled with a .111 batting average.
  • Gleyber Torres: Torres has had success on the road against the Red Sox, with a .265 batting average in his career. In his last 10 games against Boston this season, he has a .355 batting average.
  • Anthony Volpe: Keep an eye on this promising prospect as he aims to make an impact against the Red Sox.
  • DJ LeMahieu: LeMahieu has a .268 batting average in 32 road games against the Red Sox in his career, but he has struggled recently with a .185 batting average in his last 10 games against Boston this season.
  • Isiah Kiner-Falefa: This newcomer will look to establish himself as a force to be reckoned with on the road.
  • Kyle Higashioka: Higashioka has a .226 batting average in 12 career games against the Red Sox on the road. He’ll seek to contribute with his bat and solid defense.

Boston Red Sox Players:

  • Alex Verdugo: Verdugo has performed well against the Yankees this season, boasting a .325 batting average with 13 hits. He will aim to continue his hot streak.
  • Rafael Devers: Devers has been a standout player, hitting .429 with 15 hits, 7 RBI, and 11 runs scored against the Yankees this season.
  • Triston Casas: The emerging power hitter will look to make his presence felt against New York.
  • Justin Turner: Turner has been on fire against the Yankees this season, batting .395 with 15 hits, 14 RBI, 7 runs, and 4 home runs.
  • Yoshida Masataka: Masataka has contributed both with the bat and in the field, hitting .242 against the Yankees this season.
  • Adam Duvall: While Duvall has struggled recently, his power potential could be a game-changer.
  • Connor Wong: Wong has been a reliable catcher, hitting .235 against the Yankees this season.

Available relievers

Both teams possess a formidable arsenal of relievers who can be called upon to navigate the late innings and secure victories.

As the anticipation reaches a fever pitch, baseball fans around the world eagerly await the drama that will unfold at Fenway Park. This series transcends mere competition; it’s a clash of tradition, pride, and history. The Yankees and the Red Sox will leave it all on the field, and when the dust settles, one thing is certain – baseball fans are in for a treat. The rivalry continues, and the stakes have never been higher. This is the essence of baseball, and it’s time to savor every moment of it. So, grab your peanuts and crackerjacks because the show is about to begin!

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  1. The Yankees need Harrison Bader back. He was a real Yankee and provided a great deal of enthusiasm and spirit for the team. He was always at the top of the steps greeting hitters with a high five and a huge grin. He was struggling at the plate, but so is everyone else. He needs a second chance. Get him back Yankees.

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