Yankees’ rising star Jasson Domínguez soars to the sky with first homer

Jasson Domínguez, prospect of the New York Yankees
Amanda Paula
Thursday September 21, 2023

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On this early Tuesday afternoon, the New York Yankees released a video interview wishing a swift recovery. In the interview, Jasson Domínguez described how wonderful it was to hit his first home run in his debut at-bat during a season when he wore the iconic Yankees shirt. He expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to play in the big league and how the moment of hitting that home run felt like the culmination of a lifelong dream. Pointing to the sky after a home run had always been a tradition for him, a way to thank God for the incredible experience.

Jasson Domínguez’s home run: A dream come true in Pinstripes

As he reflected on that remarkable moment, Jasson Domínguez admitted that it was a “wow moment” for him. The sheer joy and gratitude he felt as he looked up to the sky were overwhelming. The sense of accomplishment and fulfillment was beyond words.

However, the interview took an amusing turn as Jasson Domínguez shared how, after the game, his teammates playfully “destroyed” him in the dugout. Despite this lighthearted teasing, he felt incredibly grateful because he could see how much his teammates enjoyed that moment with him. Watching his family’s reaction on video, he noticed how they were all enthusiastically celebrating – a heartwarming sight, even if they were “chomping around” with excitement.

The Yankees' prospect Jasson Domínguez

Jasson Domínguez went on to mention that his family, including his brother, mom, dad, and agent, were present to witness his homer. He couldn’t help but wonder if his agent was the one shedding tears of joy in the midst of the celebration. The memory of that moment was etched in their hearts, and Jasson Domínguez hoped it marked the start of a long and successful career in the big league.

Reflecting on the whole experience, Jasson Domínguez confessed that, at that moment, his mind wasn’t on playing defense or anything else – it was simply immersed in the overwhelming emotions of the occasion. But, as he put it, he was thinking right, and he truly had accomplished something remarkable.

What happened to Jasson Dominguez?

Jasson Domingez holding a bat

The New York Yankees, a team with a storied history and an impressive roster of players, has been no stranger to adversity in recent times. In the midst of a challenging season, one bright spot has emerged – the resilience of their young outfielder, Jasson Dominguez. At just 20 years old, Dominguez faced a major setback when he underwent Tommy John reconstruction surgery on his right elbow. However, there is an air of optimism surrounding his journey to recovery, thanks in part to a groundbreaking procedure and his unwavering determination.

The surgery itself was performed by Dr. Keith Meister in Arlington, Texas, a renowned expert in the field. What made this procedure particularly intriguing was the addition of internal bracing. This innovative technique has shown promise in expediting the recovery process for players with torn ulnar collateral ligaments (UCLs). One notable success story is that of Red Sox shortstop Trevor Story, who returned to action after just seven months following a similar operation earlier this year.

Despite the potential benefits of internal bracing, the Yankees have maintained a conservative timeline for Dominguez’s return, estimating it to be nine to ten months. This cautious approach reflects the team’s commitment to ensuring Dominguez’s full recovery before he steps back onto the field.

In the aftermath of his surgery, Dominguez took to Instagram to share his optimism, declaring himself “officially bionic.” This post not only highlights his youthful exuberance but also showcases his strong mindset and determination to bounce back stronger than ever. Having the Yankees’ director of medical services, Steve Donohue, by his side during this crucial time further underscores the team’s unwavering support for their young star.

Before the injury, Dominguez had a brief but impressive stint with the Yankees. In just eight games, he managed to hit .258 with four home runs and a remarkable .980 OPS. These numbers, albeit from a small sample size, hint at the immense potential he possesses and why the Yankees are so invested in his recovery.

Jasson Dominguez becomes the Yankees' youngest player to debut when he steps onto the field vs. the Astros at Minute Maid Park on September 1, 2023.

While Dominguez’s journey to recovery is a central narrative, it’s important to note other developments within the Yankees’ organization. Austin Wells, a promising prospect, recently slugged his first career home run during a game against the Blue Jays. Wells may be early in his big-league career, with a batting average of .163, but the power he displayed with his home run suggests he has the potential to make a significant impact.

On the pitching front, Wandy Peralta’s triceps issue has raised concerns. While the injury is described as “fairly minor,” the possibility of an injured list stint remains uncertain. Pitching depth is always a concern for a team, and the Yankees will be hoping for Peralta’s quick return to bolster their bullpen.

Nestor Cortes, who has been dealing with a rotator cuff strain, has begun a throwing program. The optimism surrounding Cortes’s recovery stems from the plan to build up his strength over approximately four weeks before a bullpen session. This measured approach aims to ensure that he is completely issue-free as he heads into the next season. However, if Cortes faces another setback like the one he experienced in August, surgery might become a necessary consideration.

In addition to the updates on player injuries and recoveries, there are several intriguing stories circulating within the Yankees’ sphere. Drew Thorpe, a Yankees prospect, is garnering attention for his unique pitching style, relying heavily on his changeup rather than the traditional fastball-slider combination. His impressive strikeout numbers have positioned him as a potential standout in the minor leagues.

The Yankees’ recent struggles on the field, particularly in their series against the Blue Jays, have amplified the spotlight on key players like Giancarlo Stanton. Despite overcoming early-season injuries, Stanton’s performance has not lived up to expectations, raising questions about his future impact on the team.

Lastly, a heartwarming tale from the past involves former Mets star Darryl Strawberry’s journey from playing for the Yankees in 1995 to joining an Indy ball team, the St. Paul Saints. Strawberry’s incredible performance in independent league baseball reignited his love for the game and eventually led to his return to the Yankees, where he contributed to three championship victories in the late ’90s.

In the face of adversity, the New York Yankees are navigating a challenging season with a mix of hope and resilience. Jasson Dominguez’s journey to recovery serves as a symbol of their determination to overcome obstacles and emerge stronger. While there are uncertainties and setbacks along the way, the Yankees’ rich history and commitment to excellence continue to fuel their drive for success.

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