Yankees newcomer Alex Verdugo receives tips from a World Series winner

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Johnny Damon, a World Series champion with both the Yankees and Red Sox, recently offered some advice to Alex Verdugo as the outfielder transitions from Boston to the Bronx. Verdugo, who will become the 244th player in baseball history to play for both teams, was acquired by the Yankees in a trade for three minor-league pitchers in December.

Johnny Damon offers advice to Verdugo

Damon, speaking at an autograph signing event at American Dream mall in New Jersey, reflected on his own move from the Red Sox to the Yankees after the 2005 season. He emphasized that while it may be tough, Verdugo should focus on performing well and ignoring distractions.

Acknowledging the challenges of transitioning between rival teams, Damon compared his situation to that of Jacoby Ellsbury, who also moved directly from the Red Sox to the Yankees. He noted that while his transition was easier since he had already played for multiple teams, it was still a significant adjustment.

Damon highlighted the importance of performance and fan perception, noting that while Yankee fans respected him for his style of play, others like Ellsbury faced more scrutiny due to their contracts and performance.

Discussing recent acquisitions by the Yankees, Damon expressed optimism about Juan Soto‘s potential impact. Despite his focus on other sports during the offseason, Damon praised Soto’s abilities and predicted a successful season for the young outfielder in pinstripes.

In summary, Damon’s advice to Verdugo centered on maintaining focus, performing well, and understanding the challenges of transitioning between historic rivals like the Yankees and Red Sox. He also expressed optimism about the potential impact of new acquisitions like Soto on the team’s performance in the upcoming season.

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