Yankees hitting coach breaks silence, aims to ignite hitters’ fire

New York Yankees hitting coach Sean Casey watches players warm up for a baseball game against the Colorado Rockies on Friday, July 14, 2023, in Denver.

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After a defeat where the Yankees’ players couldn’t manage to deliver a single hit, hitting coach Sean Casey spoke to the press about the ongoing struggles faced by the team’s hitters.

In a disappointing season for the Yankees, Casey’s commitment to his job is evident. He acknowledges the collective underperformance of the veteran lineup, which led to the departure of the previous batting coach.

Speaking from Tropicana Field after a tough loss against the Tampa Bay Rays, Casey expressed his empathy for the players, stating, “When they struggle, I struggle.” He described spending late-night hours contemplating strategies, analyzing game film, and utilizing advanced metrics to help improve his players’ performance.

With a deep understanding of the game from his own playing career as a .302 hitter in the majors, Casey empathizes with his players’ experiences. He feels connected to each at-bat, as if he were stepping into the batter’s box himself, sensing their highs and lows.

Stepping up amidst setbacks

Taking on the role of batting coach mid-season after the departure of the previous coach, Casey faces the challenge of revitalizing the team’s performance. His role has become even more vital amidst setbacks like Aaron Judge’s absence and Anthony Rizzo’s injury.

Despite the team’s struggles, Casey’s positive energy and strong relationships with the players are seen as essential factors in the team’s potential resurgence. DJ LeMahieu, a Yankees player, praised Casey’s approach to hitting and his supportive demeanor, attributing his improved performance to Casey’s guidance.

As the Yankees confront tough opponents like the Tampa Bay Rays, the team’s efforts to improve their hitting game have been met with mixed results. Despite the challenges, Casey’s coaching philosophy remains steady and dedicated.

Casey’s journey as the Yankees’ batting coach involves building relationships and adapting to the unique strengths of each player. As the season progresses, the team’s performance will influence Casey’s decision to continue in his role beyond this year.

Through the highs and lows of a challenging season, Sean Casey remains committed to his role as the Yankees’ batting coach. His passion for the game and his desire to contribute to the team’s success keep him motivated to guide the players toward better hitting performances.

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2 thoughts on “Yankees hitting coach breaks silence, aims to ignite hitters’ fire

  1. Coach Casey,
    Do yourself a huge favor and screw the analytics. Go with the basics and go with your gut

  2. Who cares about hard hit balls, if they don’t produce hits. Need to make contact and reduce the strike out rate. Analytics for what? No hits, less homers, more strikeouts. Go to basics. Put the ball In play.

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