Jasson Dominguez posts funny video in response to Ohtani’s $700M deal

Yankees rookie sensation Jasson Dominguez in the 2023 offseason.
Sara Molnick
Thursday December 21, 2023

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Yankees rookie sensation Jasson Dominguez recently shared a social media post highlighting the boundless nature of Ohtani’s deal, suggesting its potential impact on the 20-year-old’s future in free agency. Beyond facilitating more lucrative offers for aspiring baseball players, Jasson Dominguez’s post serves as a reminder to every fan the significance of baseball as a game.

Shohei Ohtani’s staggering $700 million contract with the Los Angeles Dodgers has parents everywhere rethinking how to nurture their children’s baseball talents in hopes of one day landing such a jackpot deal.  This includes parents of up-and-coming talents like New York Yankees outfield prospect Jasson Dominguez. The highly-touted young slugger shared a hilarious video on his Instagram story satirizing the lengths baseball parents are willing to go to prepare their kids for baseball greatness after hearing about Ohtani’s deal.


Jasson Dominguez’s video in reaction to Ohtani contract

The video depicts a father trying to train his infant son from the earliest possible age to develop into a baseball prodigy. Though just a baby, the father earnestly attempts putting a tiny glove on his son’s hand,

“Project Shohei Ohtani. It’s time to go, it’s time to go! All right, bro. Come on, grounders. You’ve got to field it! Field it, open the glove. Come on, bro. The money is not gonna make itself. You have to catch it in here, look at me.”

The subsequent frame captures the same child seated on a sports field, adorned with the glove, and receiving the ball within it. The caption accompanying the story reads:

“My reaction after witnessing the Shohei Ohtani deal.”

The social media post playfully suggested that Jasson Dominguez, often referred to as “the Martian,” intends to leverage insights from Shohei Ohtani’s deal when he enters free agency in 2029. Currently navigating his career with a $5 million signing bonus from 2019 and a contract valued at $720,000 for the previous season, Dominguez is eyeing a fresh deal commencing in the 2030 season.

While Jasson Dominguez himself boasts plenty of raw talent that has many projecting a bright MLB future, the 20-year-old phenom is likely still stunned by the enormity of Ohtani’s mega-deal. The Yankees signed the prized international prospect in 2018 on the heels of an eye-opening showcase. Though he missed time in 2022 with injury, Jasson Dominguez has flashed five-tool potential that, while promising, almost assuredly won’t culminate in a $700 million free agent bounty down the road. Ohtani’s versatility and generational talent make his added hitter-pitcher value a near-impossible bar for Dominguez or any young player to reach.

Yankees rookie sensation Jasson Dominguez

It’s evident that the slugger is poised to secure a lucrative contract after 2029, considering his impressive minor league performance with 36 home runs and 154 RBIs over three seasons, coupled with his notable major league record of 4 home runs and 7 RBIs in just 8 games! However, it’s acknowledged that his potential deal may not come close to the staggering $700 million agreed upon by Shohei Ohtani with the Dodgers. 

Deal inside deal

The $700 million, 10-year contract of Shohei Ohtani includes a $70 million salary, which is scheduled to be distributed in two installments. The disbursement will occur annually, and an additional payment is slated for the period between 2034 and 2043. According to The Athletic, Ohtani will receive a mere $2 million each year from his $70 million salary.

The remaining $68 million is set to accumulate until it reaches a total of $680 million, which Shohei Ohtani will receive upon the conclusion of his contract. This approach allows the team to allocate resources to other priorities, potentially including enhancements to their stadium. Moreover, it presents a means to save substantial amounts in taxes. Whether this arrangement proves mutually advantageous for the realm of baseball remains to be seen and will unfold with time.

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