Giancarlo Stanton’s half-hearted baserunning erases a hit, denies the Yankees a single

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Despite his lean and mean makeover, Giancarlo Stanton continues to exemplify poor baserunning. On Monday, it reached a new level, as his reluctant baserunning to the second base costs the Yankees a single. The baserunning miscue against the Baltimore Orioles highlighted how his lingering problem continues to impinge the team that suffered an embarrassing shutout loss.

The incident unfolded in the top of the sixth inning. Giancarlo Stanton drew a walk from Orioles starter Grayson Rodriguez, putting himself on first base. The next batter, catcher Austin Wells, launched a shallow fly ball that initially appeared destined for a base hit. 

However, Giancarlo Stanton hesitated and momentarily retreated toward first base to gauge the trajectory of the fly ball, ensuring it wouldn’t be caught by the second baseman for an easy out.

Giancarlo Stanton’s mucky speed an issue for the Yankees

While Giancarlo Stanton’s cautious approach might have prevented a double play, it ultimately cost the Yankees an out. Right fielder Anthony Santander fielded the ball swiftly and unleashed a strong throw to second base. The slugger, recognizing the out opportunity, attempted to advance but was forced to slide, resulting in a fielder’s choice for the Orioles.

In 2023, he was subject to ugly criticism for his snail-like pace between the bases that cost the Yankees dearly.

The slow running of Giancarlo Stanton deprived the Yankees of a run against the Astros on Aug 5, 2023, at Yankee Stadium.

While some might criticize Giancarlo Stanton’s lack of speed, it’s important to acknowledge he followed proper baserunning protocol by not immediately taking off from first base. A premature advance could have been disastrous if the infielder had caught the ball, leading to an easy double play. However, the incident does underscore the well-known fact that Stanton’s impressive physique, often compared to a “sculpted marble statue,” doesn’t translate to elite base running ability. His power remains undeniable, but baserunning remains an area for potential improvement.

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