Friend claims Giancarlo Stanton unable to handle fan pressure


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Fan criticism directed at Giancarlo Stanton is becoming too heavy for the Yankees slugger to bear, says ex-teammate and friend. Former outfielder Cameron Maybin, who shared playing time with the power hitter during his stints in Miami and the Bronx, has voiced support for his close friend.

According to Maybin, Giancarlo Stanton has consistently refrained from retaliating against fans or criticism, instead remaining focused and committed to their work. He acknowledged that despite experiencing unfortunate injury-plagued seasons, this slugger has maintained a steadfast approach. But Yankees fans, as he pointed out, have no patience and this has led many players, who struggled to handle the pressure in New York, to succumb to it by making comments in the media. He referred to a recent incident involving Brian Cashman reaching a breaking point, highlighting it as the most significant level of frustration witnessed by Cashman.

Friend suggests Giancarlo Stanton to move out

Maybin wanted the slugger, who has faced continuous scrutiny, to experience a more positive environment to potentially conclude his career. As a friend, he hoped to see Giancarlo Stanton in a place where they wouldn’t face constant criticism. His suggestion was for Giancarlo Stanton to play in a setting like Cincinnati, highlighting the NL Central as a division with smaller, hitter-friendly ballparks. This change might offer him a new perspective.


Throughout his time with the Yankees, Giancarlo Stanton has faced challenges with injuries, landing on the injury list seven times. With an appearance on the IL in every season except 2018, he has participated in 549 out of the 870 games the Yankees have played during his tenure, equating to 36.9% of the games missed.

The previous season marked a low point in Giancarlo Stanton’s performance, with career-worst statistics. In 101 games, he recorded a .191 batting average and .695 OPS, signaling a decline for the five-time All-Star. Despite contributing 24 home runs and 60 RBI, Stanton struggled with the fourth-highest strikeout percentage (29.9) of his career.

Recognizing the challenges of 2023, Giancarlo Stanton openly admitted that it was a “terrible” year. His evident frustration underscores his determination to refocus and make a comeback in 2024.

Maybin urged for recognition of Giancarlo Stanton’s contributions, highlighting his performance as one of the standout players for the Yankees during their playoff challenges. He urged fans to value his achievements while he is dealing with injuries.

Giancarlo Stanton has already conveyed a need for change in his performance in the upcoming season.

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14 thoughts on “Friend claims Giancarlo Stanton unable to handle fan pressure

  1. He needs a better off season program devoted to staying in shape—rather than lifting exercise, he might be better off doing more stretching and running—also, he should be on better diet, and avoid the award dinners and personal appearances dinners that may lead to his having weight problems—in other words, to take better care of himself, he must realize he has to make life changes, to protect his body and mind, so he’s able to better function as a professional athlete, and perform at peak efficiency

  2. Maybin wants people to focus on Stanton’s “achievements”.. to in some way absolve him of the lack of consistent performance and playing time. the guy makes $30+ million a year. we took him to be a defensive and offensive player. not a part time, part time player (DH). does my boss tell me.. hey you had a good week last week, take this week off and I’ll pay you…? NO. as a person, yes I feel for the guy having to deal with injuries. but he is a pro ball player. I don’t skip work and I’ve got severe spinal injuries. AND what I make in a year, Stanton makes in less than a day. so past achievements are a great thing to reminisce about, and he should be proud of all of them he earned it. but past achievements are just that, PAST. he’s not getting paid for past, he’s getting paid to play NOW. I hope whether it in NY or with another team he finds peace in his career. but, as a Yankees fan, I hope it’s with another team. tired of watching him get rich to not play while myself and millions of others struggle and then have to hear excuses about why he can’t do his job

    1. You’re right,80 percent of the people in this country live paycheck to paycheck and many have no savings to speak of. And forget about affording to send their kids to college. These rich slumping often injured players need to earn their keep or get out of the game! Please,no apologetic friends wanted.

  3. Want to see him play better. Don’t know if it’s a lack of conditioning or the wrong conditioning . Gotta run better and be more athletic . Go Yanks Go Stanton.👍

    1. Stanton has not done anything to change his approach. I’m not sure if he is stubborn or he doesn’t listen to people or people are afraid to approach him. he stands straight up batting stance has not changed moved up moved back bend his knees a little. plus he is built like a defensive end. home run hitters like Henry Aaron Joe DiMaggio Mickey Mantle they were strong but they were lean and flexible and quick. Stanton needs to change his approach or he’s never going to give any better.

  4. I am rooting for Stanton to be better. It is better for the NYY and Stanton. It is hard to put a finger on why he has declined and hard to understand why so many IL trips. I am sure Stanton, who is a stand up guy after every game, wants to improve. I wish him luck.

  5. sorry. this just sounds like Maybin projecting how he thinks Stanton feels.

    when’s the last time he actually talked to Stanton?
    and was it more than a text?

    pulling for Stanton.


  6. Stanton has proven he’s not near worth the contract he signed… he’s still cashing his check but is upset at fans?
    Seems like as we go through generations of players, they’re very thin skinned.
    How dare fans want him to live up to his contract.

  7. All the best to you, Giancarlo. Don’t let your batting average cause you to lose sight of what’s really important in life. If you coulda hit more you woulda. Don’t pay attention to all the online experts. With all these experts in the world, it’s hard to understand why it’s all fouled up.

  8. If he doesn’t like being criticized when he’s not even playing up to a league minimum contract no less the one he has he can retire. His albatross of a contract makes him impossible to trade without it really costing us. He has himself to blame. You won’t get pity from fans when it appears he does very little to try and get back on track. most players in his shoes you’d hear all about the change in off season routine to try and stay healthy. Not him.

  9. I’m sure he works on his game and himself as much as anyone would hope he does. He says all the right things and seems like a good man, clubhouse leader and mentor.
    Unfortunately he is a baseball player that has been touted as something much more than what he has produced. Bottom line is he hasn’t been worth the contract and his spot on the roster may be better utilized with someone else. Shake his hand, pat him on the back and wish him well playing somewhere else.

    1. Only Joe Biden works less than Stanton. what could we have done with an extra 30 million?
      let’s see Soto or Stanton?

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