Four-time WS champ Yankees’ legend starts new coaching career

Tino Martinez, the Yankees first baseman, at 2000 World Series.
Josh Barrett
Monday June 19, 2023

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Tino Martinez, who was a prominent player at first base and known for his formidable hitting skills during the successful era of the New York Yankees in the late ’90s and 2000, is now sharing his extensive knowledge of the game and his 16 years of experience in Major League Baseball with the Cape Cod Baseball League.

According to Cape League reporter Daniel Curren, Tino Martinez has taken on the role of assistant coach for the Hyannis Harbor Hawks this summer. It is anticipated that the Yankees legend will spend a period of five weeks with the team, which consists of aspiring college baseball players aiming to make it into professional baseball in the future.

Tino Martinez, who attended the University of Tampa, participated in the league back in 1986, when he was still a college student. Eric Beattie, the current coach of Hyannis, is also an alum of the University of Tampa and approached the former Yankees and Mariners star with the idea of joining the coaching staff.

The Yankees 2000 world champion team’s member confided in Curren that he had been pondering the thought for several years but had failed to take any steps or make a firm commitment to it. He won 1996, 1998, 1999, and 2000 titles with New York.

A homecoming for ex-Yankees Tino Martinez

Beattie opened up to his team and said that their main focus is on the players and their development. He emphasized the value of having a player like Tino Martinez who has achieved the goals that the current players are aspiring to, as it presents an excellent opportunity for their growth and progress.

After his freshman year at Tampa, the ex-Yankees star played in the Cape League, which proved to be a significant stepping stone for his career. It was during this time that he showcased his skills and potential, leading to his selection as a first-round pick in the 1988 draft. It’s worth noting that Tino Martinez also served as the Miami Marlins hitting coach in 2013, gaining further experience in the coaching aspect of the game.

Tino Martinez shared that he considered his time in the Cape League a truly remarkable experience. He mentioned that being part of the league had a positive impact on his growth as a player, helping him improve his skills and abilities. Additionally, he expressed gratitude for the opportunity to connect with exceptional individuals he had the chance to meet during that period. Furthermore, he fondly recalled his enjoyment and appreciation for the entirety of the summer he spent in the league.

An impressive record

After a span of thirty-seven years, Tino Martinez has returned to the Cape League. This time, he brings with him an impressive collection of four World Series rings and a remarkable record of over 2,000 hits in Major League Baseball. Throughout his career, Tino Martinez demonstrated his power at the plate, hitting a total of 339 home runs. In addition, he came close to winning the prestigious American League MVP award in 1997, securing a second-place finish just behind Ken Griffey Jr.

According to Tino Martinez, he desires to have a positive impact on the college careers of a few young players. He stated that if he could help them improve their approach as hitters and overall players, he would feel content. His main goal was to be present in the Cape League, ready to listen and respond to any questions the players had about his own career.

Beattie mentioned that the players perceive Tino Martinez as someone who is easily accessible and easy to approach. He explained that Martinez teaches the players about handling failure and making necessary adjustments in their game. He emphasizes the importance of knowing when to make those adjustments for optimal performance.

Tino Martinez’s tenure with the club is anticipated to continue until late July.

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2 thoughts on “Four-time WS champ Yankees’ legend starts new coaching career

  1. Soooo good to see Tino still in the game he has sooooo much to contribute it will make him feel amazing and benefit young players from his experience….and who knows he just might pick up a bat and show em how it’s
    Best of luck Tino you are amazing….#24

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