Derek Jeter’s iconic villa to give way to Tampa magnate’s 30k-sq-ft abode

Derek Jeter's Tampa mansion

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The expansive 22,000 square feet mansion formerly owned by Derek Jeter is one of Tampa’s most iconic homes. However, it is soon going to be history, as it is going to be replaced by a spacious 30,000-square-foot mansion for a local entrepreneur.

New plans have been unveiled for a new mansion on the very place where the former residence of Derek Jeter is there. The fate of the property at 58 Bahama Circle was uncertain last year when a demolition permit was filed with the city. A press release from Ellison Construction on Friday confirmed that the existing structure would be demolished and replaced by an even larger, 30,000-square-foot home.

While many associate the home with the renowned New York Yankees shortstop, it also holds significance for Tampa sports enthusiasts as the residence Tom Brady rented in 2020 during his tenure with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

The construction of the new house on Derek Jeter’s mansion, managed by Tampa-based Ellison Construction, is scheduled to commence next year, with an anticipated three-year timeline for completion. An undisclosed local family will be the occupants upon the project’s conclusion.

The history of Derek Jeter’s Tampa mansion

The palatial mansion was meticulously designed for Derek Jeter and his family, who moved in shortly after its completion in 2011. However, they later relocated to Miami. In 2020, the villa was leased to football star Tom Brady and his family by Derek Jeter.

In 2022, Derek Jeter sold the property for $22.5 million to a legal trust, setting a record for the most expensive home ever sold in the Tampa Bay area.

The plan, submitted for demolition and construction of the upcoming home, will feature six bedrooms, nine full bathrooms, 11 half bathrooms, a gym, and a swimming pool. Furthermore, it will boast an impressive 345 feet of waterfront along Hillsborough Bay.

The new owner

Speculations about the new owner of Derek Jeter’s sprawling home point toward the “ Trust” as its registered buyer. is a cryptocurrency application enabling individuals to invest Indian rupees into Bitcoin. Its website alludes to associations with Zebpay, a prominent cryptocurrency exchange based in Singapore.

The property may potentially be inhabited by healthcare entrepreneur and philanthropist Siddhartha Pagidipati. Both he and his wife, Ami Pagidipati, have indicated 58 Bahama Circle as their primary address on voter registration records.

The new residence, which has been designed by the Landry Design Group and features interior design by Annette English, will encompass six bedrooms, nine full bathrooms, 11 half-bathrooms, in addition to a gym and a swimming pool.

The design concept will introduce a significant expansion of green space, aiming to establish a park-like ambiance.

The new mansion design

Richard Landry, the founder of Landry Design Group, explained that the design of the home incorporates various forms to establish courtyards and gardens that envelop the structure, resulting in abundant landscaping. This integration of nature is extended to the facade, where classical stone elements are harmonized with contemporary features such as green walls and bronze accents.

The property owner has pledged to contribute materials from the existing residence, such as cabinets, appliances, furniture, and lighting, to Habitat for Humanity of Hillsborough County. These items will be made available for sale at the organization’s ReStore, with the proceeds dedicated to constructing, renovating, and maintaining affordable housing.

The new house, designed by the Landry Design Group, is set to introduce significant green spaces, with approximately one-third of the property being transformed into open, landscaped areas, as outlined in the plans provided by Ellison Construction.

In addition to expanding green areas, the project plans incorporate environmentally sustainable elements to ensure responsible construction, including measures to minimize stormwater runoff and reduce energy and water consumption. The builder also aims to prioritize the reuse of materials from the previous structure, whenever feasible.

According to Ellison, the vision for the home involves achieving a harmonious fusion of European design and contemporary aesthetics. The goal is to create a residence that is not only welcoming but also environmentally progressive, offering a comfortable living space for a family.

Davis Island is a neighborhood located just off downtown Tampa, characterized by a blend of traditional Tampa residences, apartments, businesses, a small airport, and Tampa General Hospital. The area also boasts several multimillion-dollar waterfront mansions.

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