Dan Patrick reveals ugly spat with Alex Rodriguez over Derek Jeter

Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter with other Fox Sports commentators in London on June 23, 2023.

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Once radio host Dan Patrick had a very hostile altercation with Alex Rodriguez that nearly turned into a fight over certain comments made by the latter on Yankees legend shortstop Derek Jeter.

Patrick revealed this during his recent appearance on “Pardon My Take.” He shared that a heated argument with Alex Rodriguez almost escalated to a physical confrontation when the Yankees‘ third baseman encountered him in a locker room.

The incident that caused Alex Rodriguez to fight Patrick

The radio host recalled the incident, where Alex Rodriguez had slammed Derek Jeter‘s contract during an interview on his show. Patrick mentioned that at the time, A-Rod had thought they were off the air, but the criticism had already taken place. The host added that he wasn’t sure if Alex Rodriguez held any resentment toward him, and he went on to describe a separate occasion in Dallas that occurred a couple of years later.

“Alex Rodriguez criticizing Derek Jeter’s contract when he was on my show … He thought he was off the air with me, but he was criticizing Derek Jeter. Now, I don’t even know that he’s mad at me. We do the interview, and then, this is a couple years later, we’re in Dallas,” Patrick told.


Patrick explained that he had suggested reaching out to Alex Rodriguez to invite him onto the show. He contacted the PR person and learned that Alex had an issue with him. Patrick then proposed that the ex-Yankees star should come to the locker room to discuss the matter further.

The locker room fight

Patrick recounted that Alex Rodriguez kept him waiting for approximately 15 minutes before finally engaging in conversation, at which point the baseball star immediately started harshly criticizing him.

He remembered that when he confronted Alex Rodriguez about the criticism, he initially thought that A-Rod was going to physically confront him, as he had already begun shouting. Patrick reminded him that the conversation had been on the record. He mentioned that former MLB pitcher Rob Dibble was with him at that moment and had offered to support Patrick if there was a physical confrontation.

Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter

Patrick mentioned that the situation had escalated to a point where it was getting close to a potentially confrontational moment for Alex Rodriguez.

The feud

The feud between the Yankees’ two superstars had a long and widely documented history. Alex Rodriguez and Jeter used to share a close friendship, but that all changed after a notorious Esquire magazine article quoted A-Rod making derogatory comments about Jeter’s level of greatness, causing a significant strain in their relationship.

Another interview with Alex Rodriguez, this time with Patrick, further eroded Jeter’s trust in his former friend, as revealed in the ESPN documentary “The Captain.”

Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez are at FOX Studio on Feb 13, 2023.
A-Rod/ Instagram

Jeter explained that in his perspective, Alex Rodriguez was attempting to downplay his achievements, possibly to justify his own lucrative contract. Jeter acknowledged that when it came to statistics, his didn’t compare to Alex’s, and he was aware of that fact. However, he emphasized the importance of the team’s success, stating that regardless of what was said about him as a player, the ultimate goal was winning.

He expressed that his feelings at the time were related to trust and loyalty. He believed that if someone truly considered you a friend, they wouldn’t behave in such a manner.

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