Cashman’s open-to-all declaration fails to clear mistrust on Yankees’ intention


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Brian Cashman remains open to incoming calls by agents and team GMs, yet it’s uncertain whether these inquiries will result in bolstering the Yankees’ roster before the start of the season.

Cashman emphasized that the team remained open to opportunities for improvement, stating that they were not finished assessing potential upgrades. He reiterated the ultimate objective of winning the championship and stressed the importance of talent in increasing the team’s chances of success, particularly in dealing with injuries.

“I don’t have ‘blocked’ on my call sheet for any agents,” Cashman said. “If they want to call, they certainly have the avenue to do so. I’m always open-minded to listen to what’s available as well as continue our dialogues with opposing general managers. But we do like what we have here. But it’s a long season. We’re certainly not going to assume that what we have now is going to be enough. That’s why the job is always to be open.” 

The New York Yankees have made a bold statement in the offseason, orchestrating a flurry of deals under general manager Brian Cashman. The headline move? Bringing in Juan Soto, joined by Alex Verdugo and Marcus Stroman. These acquisitions have pushed the team’s projected luxury-tax payroll beyond the $300 million mark for the first time ever.

But despite the financial muscle and big names, questions remain. The pitching rotation’s depth is a concern, especially considering the need for consistent health among starters. Can they avoid the injury woes that plagued them in 2023? When pressed on the team’s willingness to make further additions, Cashman remained tight-lipped, citing restrictions in the collective bargaining agreement that limit executives from openly discussing their pursuit (or lack thereof) of specific players.

Cashman emphasized his receptiveness to agents and other teams, stating that he didn’t have a policy of blocking their calls. He expressed a willingness to listen to potential opportunities and maintain ongoing discussions with other general managers. While acknowledging satisfaction with the current roster, he stressed the need to remain open-minded due to the unpredictability of the long baseball season.

Cashman open to additions but Yankees’ aspirations ambiguous

While the New York Yankees pitchers and catchers reported for their first spring training workouts on Thursday, several high-profile free agents, including hurlers Blake Snell and Jordan Montgomery (both represented by Scott Boras), remain unsigned. General manager Brian Cashman declined to comment on whether he considers their availability at this stage in the offseason surprising.

The Yankees are among the potential destinations for Sox ace Dylan Cease.

The Yankees have also explored potential trades for starting pitchers during the offseason, but haven’t found a suitable deal yet. Notably, discussions regarding acquiring Dylan Cease from the White Sox haven’t yielded a move, and he remains with his current team for now.

“We’re not pencils down by any means,” the Yankees GM said on Thursday. “If there’s ways to improve the club, we’re always going to be open-minded to that. We know what the goal is: to be the last team standing. The more talent you have, the better chances you’re going to have — and the better chance you’ll have to withstand injuries, too.” 

Cashman expressed a desire to continuously enhance the roster, emphasizing the importance of ensuring that any potential moves align with the team’s needs and resources. He noted the challenges of matching up in trades, whether in terms of prospects or finances, highlighting the complexities involved in making such decisions.

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